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  1. Yes, they are absolutely useless and I basically just left them in for the demo to show that there are really only three items at any time. But you can easily set the indicator to false.

    I'm not...
  2. I blogged about how we built a LazyCarousel on top of the existing carousel.

    You can...
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    Not trying to be a dick but, I really would love to see someone starting a yeoman/grunt based community replacement for the Sencha CMD...
  4. "The callParent function calls the constructor function of the parent class"

    That should be: the callParent function calls the extended function of the parent class. It doesn't have to be the...
  5. Hey shepsii,

    have a look at the kitchen sink app. They implemented a ViewCache in their MainController that looks like that:

    createView: function(name) {
    var cache =...
  6. Would be great to have someone confirm what I figured out and maybe point out if its documented.


  7. Ok, after a lot of try and error. I found the root cause of this issue.

    My app.json looked like this:

    "archivePath": "../deploy/frontenddemo/archive/",
    "buildPaths": {
  8. When I try to build my app with the Sencha SDK Commandline Tools I constantly get a "not a directory" exception. I opened a posting on Stack Overflow that also has a screenshot of the error.
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