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    Thanks hckflsch.

    Btw, that should be:

    $ mv ~/Downloads/javascript.vim.txt ~/.vim/syntax/javascript.vim
  2. Are you telling us you subscribed, or are you trying to subscribe? :)
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    You can find the source for comet desktop at
    The part you are looking for is here on line 603. The class is Ext.ux.QuickStartPanel, which is a...
  4. Thanks, this has been fixed in the next release.
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    I had fixed this in .91 What version are you using?
  6. Thanks. Fixed. You can use an override to fix that until next release.
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    Verified. Thanks!
  8. Thanks!
  9. If you're inserting the nested list into a panel with a layout (try layout: 'fit'), it will work.
  10. 2/29 is an invalid date for non leap years :) I'm not sure everyone is going to agree that this is a bug.
  11. Fixed in the next release
  12. Fixed in the next release
  13. Thanks. I created a ticket for this issue.
  14. Moved this to the bugs forum, and opened a ticket for this issue. Thanks!
  15. The vertical scrolling carousel will come in a future release.
  16. Thanks. I opened a ticket for this issue.
  17. Thanks, I've opened a ticket for this issue.
  18. Thanks

    It's been reported and fixed. It will update when we do our next release.
  19. Thanks for the report
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    Fixed, and it will be updated next release.
  21. You need to have the form as an item in your panel.

    items: [form]
  22. Thanks for the report
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    Like I said before, you can get access to the apis you mentioned by using phonegap with sencha touch.
  24. I did mention some editors that you could use, but there is drag and drop IDE for building touch apps yet. You really need to know JavaScript, HTML and CSS to do anything serious.
  25. For editing, some windows favorites are Notepad++, and UltraEdit. Maybe Aptana...

    Test using Chrome 5, or Safari 5. I prefer Chrome though. Just hit Shift+Ctrl+J to bring up the debug console.
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