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  1. Hello, anybody home?
  2. Ya, I think this is a bug of Sencha Architect. It generates extend: '' instead of extend: ''

    Please fix it
  3. Hi Tobiu,

    Why not! I suggest pushing your components to Sencha Market place :)
  4. Replies
    Hi ajaxvador,

    I can not login :)
  5. The same environment, but I don't get this problem. Every thing works fine
  6. @ssamayoa that's exact my problem. Seems that RowExpander depends on RowWrap feature. RowWrap is difference with RowBody.
  7. Dear all,

    I use Ext Designer to create a grid. Then I want add RowExpander plugin to this grid. But I must change code that generated by Ext Designer to make it works. I don't want to do that...
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