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  1. I do see that, but the help says its NOT for a specific version, and gives an example to point to Sencha/Cmd. I had both CMD 5 and 6 under the CMD folder, and both were in the path. Unfortunaly, SA...
  2. Jmin, perhaps my comments re: tequila had you thinking that I was just planning a "fun" meeting. I, like the rest of you, use Sencha to pay my bills. For those who have an employer, perhaps your...
  3. I want to continue to use SA with my ext 5 apps. However, if I install CMD 6, SA wants to use that to compile the programs, and it does NOT play well with Ext 5. (Build errors).

    Is it possible...
  4. Good Idea Tgk, except its ALMOST August, and by my calendar, September is the NEXT month. When will you have dates / location / scheduleAlso, what happened to NYC Too small of a city for you????
  5. Mitchell, some questions:

    1) where do you limit the # of statements to batch? and can that be changed dynamically in the middle of the application
    2) There is that piece of the code that loads...
  6. Scratching my head the other day, I realized that Sencha and MS Word have one thing in common. Everyone know how to use Word, but there are few people who know more than 10% of it. Everyone creates...
  7. Assuming that the database access code is NOT being used in other (not Sencha apps). I can't see any reason to use REST vs. Direct. And there are a lot (for me anyway) of advantages of Direct. ...
  8. +1Then we have the best of both worlds! SA is the best for rapidly prototyping, working with the UIWebstorm is a great editor and when I need to refactor, etc. etc. nothing is better!!!If you do...
  9. Nice to see an interim bug fix. However, is it really THAT difficult to fix the caps lock problem on OS X?

  10. No rhyme or reason, but lots of my grid columns with summary type of sum or count are missing summary renderer if its in a window class. If I promote the grid to a class, viola, they appear.

  11. Marc, from what I know, ALL of the SA developers have left, so I "assume" they have a 3rd party working on in.. perhaps.. maybe... or perhaps it's just smoke and mirrors and no one wants to tell...
  12. i was listening to the webinar "Whats new in Ext JS 6" and a question as asked of the Director of Product Management" When can we expect a version of SA to work with 6

    His answer

    blah.. blah.....
  13. umm, since I am not connecting remotely, its NOT a permission problem. I can try to do the build for development next time I have time to "play".
  14. Umm, I am using the GA version of Ext 6 and CMD am using Coldfusion as the middleware and it has its own "wwwroot" folder. There is NO permission problem. (has not been for last 2 years...
  15. There are some features (ok, the Triton theme with font-awesome) that I would really like to use. I played a little with Webstorm and the plug in, however, even with all the missing features that a...
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    Can't say for others, but my clients don't want a "view" of their data (which, arguably, can be done on a tablet, even though the screen is smaller, but my clients are sitting at their desk, in...
  17. when I run:

    sencha generate app --ext --classic --theme-name Triton TeleManagement ./TeleManagement

    I get a zillion errors looking for files that start with underscore, like this:

  18. I converted a small Ext 5 app to 6. After building, etc. etc. when I try to run the development version, it fails loading the "app"-all.css. Its not in the build/development/appname/resource...
  19. I still have 0.3.323. Is this the latest?

  20. It astounds me that the caps lock bug (only on Macs, so perhaps they figure its not REALLY important) got re-introduced about 5 months ago and has not been fixed yet! Can that really take more than...
  21. I thought I read that we would see bug fixes more frequently. Guess that was just my imagination. Darn. Would be nice to see bug fixes (forget the new features) at least more than once a month...
  22. I figured it out. When I created my record from the model, I made one of the properties an object instead of a scalar. All is good now.Thanks
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    1st, YES, people (like me!) are making $$$ building client server replacements. that will ONLY run on a desktop. (Order Entry, Inventory, etc. etc.

    1/. Fashion for theming - if you have...
  24. I an update, but if I perform
    store.insert(0, record)

    I get the Range error: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    with following over and over:

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    Assuming that I am "ONLY" writing desktop systems (no need for mobile, tablets, etc.) what does V6 offer that I will be missing if I build my data-centric app in V5?


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