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  1. Actually, having tested it the override won't work that way because it then messes up horizontal tabs.

    Presumaly the override should just be used on a tab panel instance that has vertical tabs.
  2. Ok, that's good.

    Here's my version of the override from that bug report with a few lint errors tidied up.

    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',
  3. Hi,

    I've been looking at the new vertical tabs in Ext

    When I set tabs to be initially hidden (hidden: true in tab 3) then things go wrong. The tabs don't display, except for the last...
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    Having read your answers through a few more times I think you are right about the timing issue.

    The renderTo using Ext.getBody() will depend on timing. Presumably it failed in the built versions...
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    In my full code I've tried using the launch method but that didn't work with the built version of the app, although it still worked with the unbuil version. (It is only the built version, production...
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    Using Sencha Cmd 3.1.1, ExtJs 4.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise sp1

    I have a small app that works correctly from the unbuilt files. However, when it is built I get a blank screen and no errors in the...
  7. I think this error was down to faulty code such as this below in one of the controllers:

    init: function(application) {
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    In theory you may be correct, but I am only producing one locale at the moment, which is not the Ext default of American English. Hence, I want to be able to compile my app with my own locale as the...
  9. I've had a good look but can't see any other information being output in the Console. My initial thought was that a required class was not being loaded, but I can't see any messages that would...
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    Hi, I know that this is a really basic question but I am stuck with finding out how to include one of the locale packages.

    I can see that I can include a script link to the built package (as...
  11. Mitchell, thanks for the solution, I had the same problem.

    As a suggestion, when a skeleton app is generated, because the overrides folder is created as part of the skeleton, it would be good if...
  12. Hi, I'm trying to get started with sencha cmd but have run into a problem. I've used "sencha app build" to create a build of a simple application containing a few classes.

    index.html contains the...
  13. Windows 7 Enterprise sp1
    SDK ExtJS
    Sencha Command
    Ruby 1.93

    Just tried a first install of Sencha command. Running "sencha app build" failed.
    This looks like it may be...
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