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  1. Container Collapse / Resize problem Ext3.0.0

    Recently updated from ext-3.0-rc2 to 3.0.0, since the update any panel i add using object.add(panel.object) , the panel does the collapse animation and hides the panel but resizes the hidden panel...
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    here u go

    Cant find the link so here is a zip
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    The Above code is all correct .... only thing is i was using Xtype to add my field which dosent seem to initialise the object properly or somthing ... as soon as i go new
    Ext.form.tcField All Good.
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    Custom Video Timecode Field Wont Update

    HI All

    I have created a custom Timecode field for use with a video application i am writing. It is a simple extension of a textField with custom validation. My problem is that this field is...
  5. Further Investigation ....

    This problem is not isolated to the tabpanel. It occurs on any panel that has a title bar renderd with collapsible false in mini mode .
  6. mini collapseMode : not hiding tabs from collapsed region

    I have a viewport with N,S,E and W regions defined. I am using the collapseMode : 'mini' option with collapsible : false. In the E region i have a tabs panel. When i click on the mini collapse...
  7. One word .... Clueless

    Hi condor..

    Yip .... I am clueless .... i have no idea how this stuff works ..this is why i was doing it....

    Thanks .... its working and ...
    I now understand :)
  8. still kicking

    Still not there yet ....

    this is my css

    .ico-list_properties {
  9. Drowning

    I think i am out of my depth here ....

    I tried the above no-go ... so

    I firebuged the menu item ..
    looks as though on over the class is changed from x-menu-list-item to x-menu-list-item-active...
  10. Hey Animal .Thnx 4 the response

    I dont have a clue what you are asking, sorry ....

    the code i am playing with is part of a menu see below

  11. How do I get overCls to effect iconCls on hover?

    Hi all

    I am trying to get my context menus to use an iconCls which should then change the image to the overCls on rollover but my problem is when i mess with the overCls i seem to be able to...
  12. Add style:"overflow-x:hidden",

    Add style:"overflow-x:hidden",
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    Oh so cool

    That works great ... still having some small hiccups but i am sure it is some thing in my code..
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    Thanx 4 the response.

    Cool I will give the mod a try later today and let u know.
  15. Solved style:"z-index:10" Ext set z depth...


    Ext set z depth to 11000 by default on floating panels
  16. Floating panels apear on top of modal windows

    I have a buch of panels set to floating, when i add a modal window the floating panels appear above the modal window. How can i force modal windows to always be on top?
  17. How to raise on drop event on my panel i have extended?

    I Am LOST.

    I am trying to raise an ondrop event when i drag an item from my clip board grid to my panel. I am able to DD onto another grid no problem. I Dont get any erros in FB. .. but i also...
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    Ext.Resizable + DD = Confused

    Hi all

    I am trying to make a pannel which has different coloured divs in it. I want to be able to resize the divs and re position them BUT constraind with in my parent pannel.

    here is what i...
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    O so Cool ....

    Found a small funny .....

    I downloaded v1.0a and placed it into Ext 2.2. When viewing the example I found that all the Dockable tabs do not become active if you click on the text portion of the...
  20. Gave it a try ... no go

    Hey Animal ... stuck it in ... no change ... unless i leave the bufferResize stuff in it renders wierd.
  21. Hey Animal

    This is the Ext object i use ( Using that eval method you showed me ). The form elements are generated on the fly. It seems to be much better since i put the bufferResize stuff in. As soon as i...
  22. Silence? Nobody?

    I can only asume that this problem is unique to me. I think I found a work round by adding bufferResize:true to all the forms on my popup window and this fixes it most of the time. But I think there...
  23. Form/Form Elements Render differntly each time i load a page

    Hi Anybody.

    I am having a problem with rendering forms. Every time i load a form the form elements render differently (They are screwed up 4 out of 5 times i load the page). I get text boxes...
  24. My bad

    I seem to have it working ok outside the context of my main code... must be doing somthing wrong organizer.html
  25. Possible Flaw Window cmp Ext 2.1 (or maybe just me)

    I am having problems with the window component and/or tabpannel (I think).

    I Have A window > Tabpanel > with 2 panels, tree in west region and dataview in center.

    It seems to render perfectly...
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