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  1. i have a model that has associations with other models.

    ModelA {
    hasMany modelB

    hasMany modelC
  2. any help on this pls ?
  3. Hi, could you pls help me on this ?
  4. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your reply, your solution draws a border around the "draw.component", but i would want the border around each of the sprite elements individually.

    I tried this, but that...
  5. Hi,

    I have a sprite image that i have added to a drawComponent.
    On click of that sprite, I want to draw a border around that image.

    var myimage = new Ext.draw.Sprite({
  6. Pls help on this.
  7. On a sprite element, I am NOT able to capture the right click mouse event.
    I am able to capture the click, mouseover, mouseout events.

    I tried catching the mouse down event and checking if...
  8. Hi, I am keen to know if there are any examples for panning and zooming support in extjs.
    I have a graph based representaion on the gui, that i would like to pan and zoom into.

    I looked at the...
  9. In the ondragdrop event handler, I cloned the element and added it back to the "Available Section".

    var cloned = this.el.dom.cloneNode(true); =;...
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    I am stillwondering how to do this ?
    Any help ?
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    I have a few elements (say images in a div) on my window.
    How do i group elements (by drawing a box around them ) ?
    There could be multiple such groups.

    After the grouping, I would also...
  12. Hi,
    I am very new to JS and ExtJs, am trying out the different drag drop examples.

    I was reading this article - and used the source from here, and it works fine.

    I am wondering how to ensure...
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