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    First i do not see the need for a hidden field... cuz what this path on a clients local harddrive is bringing u??

    to last question yes it is possible to have multiple upload fields in a form.. I...
  2. lol you already said how it is going. just fill the response with ur xml data and read it on client side...

    Iam using spring controller for uploading and downloading of files..

    What i do not...
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    wow indeed really nice work so far! Looking forward to the buttons!!

    best regards!
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    yep me too.. in release notes is no fix for the gxt-servlet i hope it is working not with the sortinfo etc.

    i have still problems with the gxt-servlet.jar Gilead is still not workin.. with only...
  5. uhm hell :) iam not an expert :P I am just using it in the basic way :) i have no clue how to accieve ur needs. Unfortunately i have also no time to search, iam sorry.

    PS: i hope somebody else...
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    To this i have another opinion. The keyword for GXT MVC is that it is a LIGHTWEIGHT solution. This gwt-mvc is far away to be a lightweight one. :)

    I think the GXT mvc is very nice, clear, easy to...
  7. hej guys.. iam fighting with this serveral time now.

    There is a way to set viewport width fixed ?? but the height auto?

    Layout like this:

    SPACE | APP fixed width: 900px | SPACE
  8. google browser == chrome? (if you check GXT page and the supported browsers there is no chrome...)
    the complete test code?

  9. An offical answer you should not demand in the forum.

    there is an email address for such request! There you will can get an offical answer!

    as far as i remember it is this email address:...
  10. wow 10 years already. nice man!

    I fully agree with you. This is just insane what is possible by these frameworks and technologies. I did some GWT project at the beginning of 2008 and we were...
  11. thanks... yeah i forgot this dependencies.. of a dyn. web project
  12. I agree the war build isn't my problem... the project build is my problem. cuz i need the gxt jar for dev of the components, the servlet one should be only for server so within the war.

    Iam using...
  13. not exactly a null pointer but also a problem with using the gxt-servlet.jar

    using both libs excuses problems within the service methods which are using GXT stuff like sortDir, sortinfo etc. (iam...
  14. Ok now i have the iframe (thanks by the way :D) and recreating it would be the best way i guess cuz removing crashed the nodeList DOM somehow....

    like this:

    private void createFrame() {
  15. serverside is done... Commons FileUpload... rejects the request also writes response that fileupload has been canceled. I just have lag of knowledge to remove/kill the iframe on clientside. Can you...
  16. View.initialize() ?? Iam not at all understanding what ya mean :D
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    but on serverside u need classes like PagingResult... etc... the configs...

    soo it is VERY good like this!
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    did you tried gslenders small example app?

    I dont know what it really is.. no time to find it out. The problem is that there can happen a lot weird stuff with submiting forms via iFrame......
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    good deal! I like that! :thumbsup:

    It should be also mentioned within the release notes?
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    jau kewl :)

  21. ah damn :) sorry for spamming around. I should take more care. it was a long day, sorry once more.
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    ah i see. but it is really wired when u are trying to follow mvc pattern but also want to keep the classes and code as less as possible.

    I have nice generic service for CRUD and gaining any Object...
  23. Hmm it was driving me nuts...

    why there is no java doc for this method?

    the setModel(ModelData model)
    is in the doc but not the set??

    Iam just stupid to see it?

  24. I was more thinking and searching ways... one way could be to remove/kill the iFrame which is used for the general submit of an FromPanel..

    Somebody has an idea how to get this iframe and remove...
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    what is so funny there ?? :) You have to explain me this! :P
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