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  1. Thanks for the bug report Stefan - I'll update the blog post to reflect it.
  2. The Ext JS 4 class system relies on arguments.caller and we don't see any way to support strict while retaining our class coding convention. We don't plan to change the API in any significant...
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    Intellix - sorry you didn't enjoy the last SenchaCon - we had a 90% "would recommend" score in our post-conference survey - so we think we did a pretty awesome conference. Please let me know at...
  4. That makes sense. Let me suggest to Mitchell.
  5. We are in the middle of a persistent and ever-escalating war with spammers on the forums who use our pretty open registration system to post links to their properties, and sometimes to post links to...
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    Hi Folks,

    Well it seems like people are getting antsy, so I'll tell you what we know so far. The next SenchaCon will be in March or April of next year. It will definitely be on the East Coast of...
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    We're planning the next SenchaCON as we speak and should have date and location nailed down in the next two weeks. Look out for a "Save the Date" blog post.
  8. Joeri,

    We have about 20 Android devices we test on internally. You can see a decent selection of what we test on here at the end of the page:
  9. Hi Joeri. Due to Android 2.1's rapidly vanishing device share (< 6%):

    Android 2.1 was never officially supported for...
  10. We have had a full team working on Ext JS since we shipped Ext JS 4. We *just launched* Sencha Touch 2, so our marketing efforts have been concentrated on getting it into market. We've blogged along...
  11. Our official position on GPL can be found in our online FAQ:

    As we say there, the GPL license governs and you should seek legal advice as to your...
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    Thorsten - I looked into this - Compuwave is our official German reseller. They were supposed to send out an initial "welcome & introduction" email to our German-tagged list. If they've sent you...
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    Well it turn out that Gartner is calling the wrong reference list. You agreed to be on the reference list in *2010* for the 2011 research report on Mobile Consumer Platforms - and somehow Gartner is...
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    Hi Wildaker. There seems to be some sort of mistake on our part here. We're currently undergoing Gartner's Enterprise Mobile Application Platform research process. As part of that, we've provided...
  15. Sorry, I mixed up Touch 2 and Ext JS. Ext 4.1 is actually in beta, it should be in SVN. Let me make this happen for you.
  16. Also, fixes provided via support ticket *should* then be checked into SVN and made available for premium subscribers. I will talk to the support team and figure out whether this is happening and if...
  17. Sencha has recommended that those who need performance on IE remain on v3 for now due to the problems with v4. In order to understand what to expect regarding the support of ExtJS v3, we need answers...
  18. [Rich's follow-up post recovered from separate thread after deletion- my answer in next thread]

    Sencha has recommended that those who need performance on IE remain on v3 for now due to the...
  19. Hi Guys, I have put an official bug in the web-team's ear about this.
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    We're still working to get 4.1 from beta to general release, we're updating folks on 4.1 progress on the 4.1 update thread. 4.2 is queued up behind that. Rather than estimating a release date, we're...
  21. Sea, we had two downtimes in December, but we hope we've been pretty good apart from that. The blog comment system gets an enormous amount of spam, and it manages to capture almost all of it, but...
  22. Hi all. Rich sent me a PM asking for an additional summary vs. what I posted near the top of this thread, so this is what I sent him, and thought I should repost the essentials:

    I hope I did a...
  23. Guys,

    Let me add another statement, which I'll add to my comment on the blog too. Is that we're not finished with performance optimization with the 4.1 release, we'll continue to improve...
  24. We'll have a full blog update on the 4.1 release this week.
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    The community forums are a venue for the entire community to help each other out as people try to create applications. Sencha Touch is a free commercial product and we have hundreds of thousands of...
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