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  1. Whether the second image is there or not is determined by the minChars config setting.
    If you dont have a minChars then the Search icon appears and it looks fine.
    If you do have a minChars set then...
  2. I don't quite understand what your saying.
    you said "If I use remote it needs 4 characters" how many characters it needs is a config setting:
    are you setting that? If you set

  3. This was a problem for me as well when I migrated from ST1 to ST2.
    I added this override, it seemed to be the least painful way to render something different into the header dom list item other than...
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    No. I probably should look into it. I see that it how most people share their code.
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    This is a form field that has a Date Picker that is always visible allowing you to select multiple dates.
    It is compatible for Ext 4.1
    Its a basic Date Picker with a few extra buttons added.
  6. I couldn't seem to make my grid work with your solution, so this is what I came up with that seems to work.

    if(grid.spacerEl) {
    var lockedView = grid.view.lockedView,
  7. I am having the exact same problem.
    I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that I am re-configuring my grid, because the locking 4.1 example looks like it works, the spacer is placed at...
  8. So the 4.1 GA release still seemed to not work on its own, but it does work with your fix as far as I can tell. The commitRecord code does need to be copied and pasted though from the 4.1 GA release...
  9. Hey great fix!
    As far as I can tell that one liner makes it work for now. (in 4.1.0 rc3)
  10. No I do not.
    I just don't see how the commitRecords function works I guess.
    If anyone can shed some light on it that would be great. So this is what i understand of it.
    commitRecords code from...
  11. does not seem to be syncing the server data to the client record when the server returns multiple records.

    This is for a multiple create operation, I have not...
  12. I unfortunately have no experience in MVC 3.
    I am sorry.
  13. @ panpur
    Can you post some code, may be how you have it laid out or something.
    Here's a quick example I made using the grid-array.js example form docs and it seems to work fine.

    I am using the...
  14. @ preichow

    I have put together an example based on to Ext 4 grid examples.
    First one being the Basic Array grid to show local searching and the second one is the Infinite Grid example which uses...
  15. Well this is what the plugin attaches to the reload request based on what columns you tell the plugin you want to search in.

    fields : ["id","invoice_to","vendor_name","description"]
    query: 4608...
  16. What do you mean searching doesn't work?
    When mode is set to 'remote' the plugin reloads you store with the extra parameters of the filter applied to the load call.
    You have to handle the filtering...
  17. To Juanyong:

    I would imaging its because you have

    mode: 'local'

    When paging you only have the current page's data in cache. So if you are using mode local you will only search the current...
  18. Saki, this GridSearch plugin has by far been the most useful plugin I have used in Ext 3 and want to thank you for your contribution.

    I am moving to Ext 4 and saw that you have not had time yet to...
  19. Has anyone attempted to make this TreeGrid async?

    I attempted to try and do this, but seems to be more difficult than it appears because this component is not dealing with a TreePanel component...
  20. I seem to have found a work around for this issue. Using a table layout instead of a column layout will auto resize the fieldset when the window is resized.

    Here is an example of my test code:

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    Ok this is how i did it.

    First I took the code exaclty as fjalcaraz posted a few post back on page 1 here it is again.

    Ext.form.CheckboxGroup.prototype.initComponent = function(){
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    Wow... I have been searching the forums and google for the past 2 days for a solution to this checkboxgroup problem. This one right here works.

    Thank you very much!
  23. I am trying to use the Row Editor with a JSON writer and Restful as true.

    Here is mt Record object:

    var Asset =[
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
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