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  1. I created a method which I call before I do the flush.

    public static boolean validateFormPanel(FormPanel formPanel) {
    for (int i = 0; i < formPanel.getFields().size(); i++) {
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    I need to display an icon in a grid. The icon is not complex but the color must be unique for each row in the grid. Currently I create the icon on server side based on the color parameters I pass...
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    I want to draw an image with DrawComponent and add that to a grid. Is it possible? I can't find something like a DrawComponentCell in order to do the rendering of the drawComponent.
  4. Is there a colorField widget in gxt 3. In my app the user need to select a color similar to when a user needs to select a date via the dateField.
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    Is it possible to clear a comboBox selection by clicking a entry like <N/A> in the dropdown.
  6. Hi,

    I implemented the Editor<T> interface in a dialog and everything is working fine. Now I want to add validation.

    I have a textfield

    TextField policyNr = new TextField();...
  7. Hi I manage to figure out what the problem is. This only happens when you edit a textField for example and hit the OK button when the flush happens. The value in the Widget is not updated. It is...
  8. Hi,
    I'm using the editor framework and getting strange behaviour while running in devmode. When I call flush() on the driver it works sometimes and sometimes not. Here is my code:

  9. Tnx for your reply,
    It works!!!!
  10. Thanks for the reply. However the problem I have is how to specify the label width. When I look at the source code for FieldLabel it seems that by calling setWidth we can specify the percentage...
  11. Hi,

    In Ext-Gwt 2 one was able to set the label size of widgets by calling setLabelSize(..) method on the formPanel. In Ext-Gwt 3 this method is gone. I see there is a FieldLabel widget but the...
  12. I want to prevent a tregrid node from loading it's children. I know the childcount of each one of the parent nodes before i load the children. If the childcount is above a specified size I want to...
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