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  1. It seems the plugin was made for local Datastores only ?
  2. sorry it was my fault. i had a div not being destroyed when hiding it. it intercepted the click events.
  3. I have some problems with hover and click behaviour of combo and accordion panels.

    Sometimes combo items become unselectable. After a reload the problem may be gone or different items have become...
  4. i nested a portal object from the examples in another portals column and got a strange resize behaviour when using the internet explorer. it resizes the portal columns when the parent panel gets...
  5. Had similiar problem when rendering comboboxes to dynamicly genereated divs.
    The Problem was resolved when I omitted the display:none; attribute in the genereated divs parent container.
  6. I wrapped the panel in:

    title: 'aTabName',
    margins:'0 0 0 0',
    autoScroll: true,
    items: panelWithScrollbarBug
  7. You could also subclass XTemplate and return false if the evaluation of the if statement failed.
  8. Hi,

    im using the SOAP Package along with WebObjects Axis Server and I am very happy with it.

    I had to patch the following method to get it working with IE:

  9. Replies
    Iam having the same problem: getForm().getValues() is returning only the field values from the first tab. Did anybody encounter the same issue ?
  10. I had similiar problems when hiding the div the searchfield was rendered to at initialization. moving the visibility attribute to to the styledefinition of the div fixed this problem for me.
  11. I had a similiar problem when then panel the search field was used by, was rendered to a div which was hidden at initialization. I guess manually showing the hidden div and its children could solve...
  12. Hi,

    I don't know if this issue has already been resolved, but I post this anyway.

    I found that the axis implementation I use, will not reply to SOAP calls if any URL Parameters are passed.
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