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    I am developing sencha based application and want to know what are the best practises for using singletons and what is the criteria to use singletons ?

    navigation views (front and back)...
  2. Hi,

    I am working with a Modal panel which shows up on button tap. but when the modal gets hideen, the parent is not able to receive any more events. looks like the listener is removed on the...
  3. is there a downloadable documentation available for sencha touch 2.0 ? I live in third rated country and I don't have access to network most of the times. appreciate any help
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    I am using DataView for list of items and want to mask a single item on tap. is it possible to mask just a single element ? the item, in this case is element, doesn't have a setMasked method defined....
  5. looking for helping hand to launch my application soon. appreciate any help.
  6. Hi,

    I have developed an application with sencha touch pr3 and now migrating to the sencha-touch- version. And I had to make some of the changes in my application as per new structure.
  7. Hi,

    How do I set the style of a tab bar ? on active, I want to change the background url to something else.

  8. I am having the same issue ... looking for some one to answer
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    hi, I have already a website where am using GWT services. But want to use Sencha Touch for mobile version. Is there a way I can use GWT services using some RPC proxy? If yes, please provide me an...
  10. its working with this example. I got it working from here. had flying start
  11. thinking to move onto GWT.
  12. The following code is able to fetch the data but somehow am not able to view the data in browser. any help is greatly appreciated. am banging my head for this for last few days.

    var category =...
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