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  1. Ed replied here saying they will get it implemented. But no timetable, and I have seen this kind of vague promise in the past but nothing ever came of it.
  2. Your users have been begging for this for years. Not implementing such basic functionality shows a serious disconnect between the Ext team and the reality of enterprise-level usage of Ext JS. I...
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    george4rotech's solution is correct. I believe Isabella was missing the issue here. PagingToolbar only updates on page select or store load, and grid filters fire the datachanged event. You have...
  4. What time is the reception on the 14th? Coming from the east coast and want to see if we can make it in time with a morning flight.
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    1 - Close Eclipse
    2 - Copy the JAR file into .\eclipse\dropins\
    3 - Open Eclipse and goto Window -> Preferences -> Apatana -> Editors -> JavaScript -> Code Assist
    4 - You should see Ext 3.0 in the...
  6. If the speed difference doesn't bother us then this simple fix should work in the interim too, right?
  7. It looks like making the following changes in ext-all.js fixes this issue (my test page has run for 10 minutes without issue -- approximately 2500 requests). Looks like it may simply not be safe to...
  8. <html>

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="ext-3.0.2/resources/css/ext-all.css" />

    <script type="text/javascript" src="ext-3.0.2/adapter/ext/ext-base.js" ></script>
  9. We are also experiencing this issue on pages where we have mixed ExtJS & non-ExtJS content. It is very annoying. The onReady event fails to fire roughly once every 20 page loads (regardless of how...
  10. So it's safe to just remove that line from your posted 2.2 Ajax queue then?

    Also, I really appreciate all of your hard work in writing and maintaining this user extension. I'd hate to point out...
  11. There is a problem in your posted 3.0.2 code:

    This line in createResponseObject:

    Ext.each(headerStr.replace(/\r\n/g, '\n').split('\n'), function(v){

    should be this:
  12. Where does this include come from?

  13. Thanks!
  14. field.getEl().parent('.x-form-field-wrap').next('.x-form-invalid-icon').applyStyles('left:357px');

    Seems to be a more effective way of doing it. Even when setting the width on the wrapping...
  15. I am experiencing this same issue in 3.0.2, is there a fix for this?
  16. Nevermind, isDirty() works in that situation but the RadioGroup no longers functions properly.
  17. The x-form-field-wrap element is sized properly on the initially rendered card, but on the other card that element is being sized to 17px when it should actually be 250px (in my case).

    Here is a...
  18. I have a similar issue in 3.0.2. I have a panel with a card layout nested in a form panel, as in certain instances the form panel needs to display different fields in one section. The combo boxes...
  19. I seem to have resolved the issue. If you set the name at both the group and item level isDirty() doesn't function properly, but if you set the name at just the item level isDirty() works just fine....
  20. It definitely has to do with CheckBoxes. I'm not using any user extensions on this page, and when I remove my RadioGroup object from the form isDirty() functions as intended.
  21. Did you ever resolve this issue? Your exact same situation is currently driving me insane!
  22. I've done some further debugging and the rendering hangs at the point the setRawValue() method is called when applying the emptyText.

    Line 54141 in ext-all-debug.js (Ext 3.0.2)
  23. This! My page was loading ridiculously slow in FF (one at a time) and after removing the emptyText configurations the page loads as one single unit much faster. Something is definitely wrong with...
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    I agree
  25. Here is your code updated for ExtJS 3.0.2. Please make sure I merged your changes properly. I had to update it because there are some seemingly non-trivial changes to the base adapter that are not...
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