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    As a Java developer that has used patterns on a regular basis I am also curious to know if there are any ExtJS unique patterns of interests.

    Since much of the ExtJS development is code based...
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    I am getting ready to put together and design a Spring MVC based front end for a client that plans to use JQuery for some of the more complex GUI and Async processing.

    I’m curious if anyone has...
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    Without knowing more it will be dificult to diagnose, however I have seen similar NULL failures when and RPC call attempts to return a NULL object reference. If your site is accessing a JSON...
  4. I forgot to mention that one of the mobile app developers I spoke with suggested that one solution might be to change the Doctype to XHTML, and bag Sencha and some of the CSS3 modifications and...
  5. Blackburry RIM 5.0 does not appear to provide full support for HTML5, it does however seem to show most of the content regardless of the Doctype. At the same time there are CSS styling anomolies...
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    You might also be able to gain some insight using FireBug to make sure that the content is being streamed in the correct order and that the doctype is valid. Debug JS file is still probably yoru...
  7. Although I have not worked with this personaly the Appcelorator product is an alternative to PhoneGap
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