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  1. It seams to work for me now, I just use the sencha architect 2.1 way:

    Delete old override
    Create new override

    I did this several times cause it doesn't work immediately but I don't know why...
  2. Same problems here :(
  3. I created an Issue in CasperJS and it was actually a bug in CasperJS.
    It's now fixed.

    Solution is to take the master branch of git, the fix should come in the next version.

    Thanks for helping....
  4. I would like to use CasperJS to test and take documentation screenshot of a ExtJS Application.

    The Probelm is that click event from CasperJS will fire twice in ExtJS, it's very strange.

    I made...
  5. Do you plan to add this feature ? If yes can you tell approximately for when it's plan.

  6. joker, I'm student :p I'm using SA for my master thesis and I would like to produce nice documentation.

    It's not very important for views but I think it's pretty nice for models, controller and...
  7. There is two different problems:

    1) How to insert comments and/or TODO in read-only files.

    2) How to list the TODOs.

    I think that the second one should not be done by SA. If the comment are...
  8. Hi,

    I defined some view with function and event and saved it to the toolbox.

    I would to used many times in my project.

    When I used it, Sencha Architect does not create something like:

  9. any ideas ?
  10. Thanks vietits your second solution works for me.

    I push a repository to make some tests:
  11. Thanks for your answer that's inspired me.{
    setCompleted: function() {
    this.complete = true;
    this.running = false;

  12. Thanks it works. I just have another question.

    When I reload the node and the name changed. The tree node keeps the old name, actually it's the "text" property. Should I put the record property...
  13. Yes but it change the data of my node and I don't want to change the data, I just want to refresh.

    Is there any other way to make a refresh rather than update the node ?
  14. I just make a git repository with my specific problem:

    It would be nice if someone can take a look :)
  15. but it will make an update request, is it possible without that ? Just make a GET request to the server for a specific node.
  16. Would be nice if someone can help :)
  17. Would be nice if someone can help :)
  18. Is it possible to add Comment and annotation like Javadoc style from Sencha Architect:

    * @author Firstname Lastname <address @>
    * @version 1.6 (the...
  19. I would like to refresh a node of a tree.I try something like that to refresh the root and it worked:

    this.getStore('MyTreeStore').load({ params: { id: this.getId().getValue()} });

    But now I...
  20. In my application, the user can add some nodes to a tree node. The tree is connected to a store which has autoload and autosync true.The code to add a new node is this one:

    var window =...
  21. Replies
    I figure out why it does not worked. I was doing 2 times the refresh...

  22. Replies

    how to refresh a Tree Store ?

    I tried to do like that:

    Ext.getStore('myStore').setRootNode({child: []});

    And then the Store will request the Server to have children but sometimes it...
  23. I just try my code with Extjs 4.1 rc3. It's may be a feature :p

    Here is the best I could find:

    A small problem is that there is a small space...
  24. Hi,

    I just solved the second problem.

    It was just a small css problem :)
  25. Thansk for your answer :)

    I found the first problem, it was a stupid one.

    I set an id in the definition of the EditorPanel. With 2 Tab there are 2 Elements with the same id, it solves the...
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