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  1. Hi,

    The charts are working fine on phone now. I had missed a line in the view page. :(

    But the pie chart appears too small on phone. How can I resize it?
  2. Hi,
    My chart code similar to Energyapp example is working correctly on iPad. But not on iPhone and android phone. Do you know what can be the reason for this? The chart is not getting displayed on...
  3. Hi,
    Im using Sencha 2.1 with phoneGap.
    My issue is similar. The charts appear zoomed out in portrait mode and looks perfect in landscape mode in iPad.

    Do you know the solution for this?
  4. I'm using sencha 2.1 along with phoneGap 2.0 to run a chart app. It is working fine on iPad emulator but not on iPhone emulator.
    The navigation is displayed but the charts are not. The chart i'm...
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    I have not got the response yet. For how long is your office closed?
  6. I've attached the screenshot.

    Only the navigation appears but not the charts :(
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    I'm facing similar issue.
    the charts are not visible on Android phone & iPhone. on iPad, its getting displayed, But the size is too big n therefore x-axis of the line chart isn't visible. Do...
  8. Hi,

    I'm using Sencha 2.1 GPL

    I've replicated EneryApp chart in my chart code. It is working fine on the browser.

    But on iPhone it displays only the navigation.(Charts are not displayed)
  9. Hi,
    I have developed a code in line with the energy app chart example. It is working fine in the iPad but not in the iPhone.
    Can someone suggest what changes needs to be made?

    Thanks in...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    I mailed to as well. Din't get any response.

    - Jsri
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    I want to know if we can have values in the store with a for loop such that everytime I press the refresh button, the values are updated. Say for example if I'm using a chart, I need to get...
  12. I'm using the example of Pie chart from kitchen sink.

    When I declare it as xtype and call it in Main, I get only the refresh button. The contents are not displayed :(

    Main page
  13. Hi,

    When I call the column chart view page directly on launch, it is working fine.
    But when I call it through the Main page by making the view page as an xtype, it isn't working.

    Can anyone...
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    I've been using Sencha Commercial 2.0 in my application and I would like to use the charting options.
    I've mailed to but have not got any response.

    I want to know the...
  15. I've included the below code in the form :

    var values = JSON.stringify(formPanel.getValues(), null, 100);
    Ext.Msg.alert('Form Values', values)
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    How can one view the data that is dynamically loaded into the Store?

    I tried alert. It dint work,

    Here is the code

    var formPanel = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    fullscreen: true,
  17. Hi,

    I loaded the Store with the field values from a form.
    I checked using alert if the values are getting fetched. It is working.

    But when I load them to the store, I can't see the values in...
  18. I need to show a panel beside a text box when I tap on an image (inside "Ext.dataview.Dataview"). The first time it loads fine, but when I go to the next page and come back to the same page, I see...
  19. Im getting the values when I used the alert.
    But I'm not sure if it is going to the Store. How can one check that?

    Ive used the following code:
    var values= JSON.stringify(formPanel.getValues(),...
  20. Hi,
    I'm getting the values. But I'm not able to save it in the store.
    Ive used the following code:

    var values= form.getValues();
  21. I got the solution.
    Ext.Msg.alert('FormValues', JSON.stringify(form.getValues(), null, 100 ));
  22. Check the requirements section in the following link:!/guide/command

    Hope you've installed sencha cmd instead of the Sencha SDK tools.

    I've not done...
  23. Hi,
    I'm trying to load the Store with the values from the form (vales from the texfield acts as input)

    Here is my code
    var form = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    fullscreen: true,
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    I found the examples to populate the form with Store data values.
    Is there any example where it is done the other way round? i.e.: Populate the values from the form to the Store.
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    Can some1 please give a tip on how to create a dynamic chart wherein we enter the values and the corresponding charts get created. :-?
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