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    Segmentation Fault

    Any advice? Where do I go from here? I was able to get this working fine on my Mac.
  2. Try Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
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    I tried this as well and did not have any luck with card layout. Try just using a Container with nested panels as the so called "cards" and toggle visibility of the active item. You can then add...
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    To answer my own question again... The problem I was having was that my API was not returning the redundant saved json model, but instead was returning {'success': true}. It must return the full json...
  5. This was a problem with 4.0.1, but was fixed in 4.0.2a. Looks like View was refreshing ALL nodes even with clearOnPageLoad, but it is not refreshing all nodes with 4.0.2a.
  6. I have a dataview with a store attached with clearOnPageLoad: false and pageSize: 10 set. When I request the next page of the store, I'd like to just append the new set to the dataview (sort of like...
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    I'm trying to create multiple inline editors to edit various strings in a panel. I've followed the examples found in the demos. When I click on the target, the editor opens up and accepts edits. I...
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    Is there a way to customize the values displayed in the axis of a pivot grid?

    It looks like the only configuration values are dataIndex and width. I'm trying to display a schedule and would like...
  9. I'm also experiencing the same bug in Safari. It works fine in other browsers and also with shorter emails.
  10. I'm also seeing this in FF using ExtJS 2. If you go from the ExtJs input field to another application's editable field and then back to ExtJs input field it is locked. If you then go to try...
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