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  1. please
  2. We are having the same issue as well, and it has become a big problem for us and the client. Is there a way to make the cell start editing on the first cell click on iPad just like in a desktop...
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    Hi everyone. I have a problem where the last chart label on the bottom axis is always cutting off. This is a problem that I noticed is also happening in the sample for the line series in the docs. Is...
  4. Thanks a lot for your help Mitchell!
  5. HI everybody. Seems ExtJS 4x dos not provide line anotations for long labels on pie charts as it does in Sencha Touch. Currently it is very difficult to use pie charts when there is a lot of data...
  6. Thanks Mitchell I will do that. ~o)
  7. Thanks Mitchell.

    Is this a feature that will be added at some point? Using a pie chart with a lot of data and labels with small slices can get very jumbled. This makes it very hard to use. We are...
  8. Hi everyone.

    It would be very useful for me to have the ability to create line annotations with the labels that exist in the Sencha Touch 2.1 pie charts. Is this something I have access to in...
  9. I agree, my clients would like to see something fresh and still be able to have support for more than just chrome and safari
  10. 2.0.1
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    Are the size limitations for storage limited to the amount of hard disk space on the user's device when using this solution?

    When packaging with cordova, is this the right solution for storing and...
  12. Hey everybody, I have not been able to find the answer to this anywhere. I am trying to add Sencha Touch 2 to a windows app for Windows 8, but I keep getting errors that say the body hasn't been...
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