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  1. That is true of course, but I don't want to do this as it would pollute the console and server logs, and more imporantly, as it doesn't feel right as this really isn't an error.

    As said, a 304...
  2. I've already tried. Neither the 'exception', nor 'loadexception' event is triggered in case of an empty request. This is a substantial backwards compatibility issue in my opinion; as Ext 3 really did...
  3. Hi all,

    In my Ext 3 application, I have built a grid that does a periodic reload (a news feed), but only refreshes when there is new data on the back end. To accomplish this, I made use of the...
  4. For now, I did it by removing the (inline) CSS width and height, and adding those as attributes (width=x height=x). Then I can change the iframe's size from within the iframe with:

  5. I'm initializing an Ext form in an iframe. This iframe is in a modal 'popup' layer in another application. Now, the form can grow vertically when inputting data. This eventually causes the submit...
  6. Just wanted to let you know I have the same problem, and I agree with what you said!
  7. Hey all,

    I have quite some experience with Ext, but have never worked with Viewports, so I'm looking for the right way to set things up.

    My application consists of a very simple static header,...
  8. My point is more that no handler is being fired when there is no 'success' key in the response. So I'm tied to this response format of an object with a success property. Which I think is redundant,...
  9. The manual states that in order to trigger a call of your success handler function, you need to package your response in a JSON object that has a 'success:true' property. This is different from the...
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    There's a bug in the first example for JsonStore (!/api/

    autoDestroy: true,
    storeId: 'myStore'
    proxy: {
    is missing a comma;
  11. Have a look at
  12. Evan gave me a workaround for this problem: change the order of the features in the grid. First rowbody, than rowwrap and then the grouping feature.

    I've tested this, and it seems to work!
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    Columns are Components in Ext4, see .

  14. Applying this fix to both the expand() and collapse() functions (line 77936 and 77953 respectively in ext-all-debug for 4.0.0) solves this error! I've also checked the regular grouping example, and...
  15. Sure, I've used the TreeGrid Example page for it. The modified treegrid.js file:


    Ext.onReady(function() {
  16. Right, so you also need a good naming standard for the ids, to prevent collisions with other components.. Something like "[gridname]-col-[colname]" or whatever. Do you guys at Ext have rules defined...
  17. The desired result is actually quite close to what you get when you add the grouping feature in a tree grid now. On the main level it's groups, but with the rows in a group displaying a hierarchy.
  18. The desired behavior is to have a row body per row in the grid (like it normally works), but with the added functionality of grouping the rows. A 'group body' so to speak, is not needed, nor is...
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    Excellent, thanks for the information Aaron!
  20. Ah wow, that's great! So I guess the column id's need to be unique on a page level now?
  21. Adding the grouping feature to a tree grid almost works (which is actually quite impressive), however collapsing the group triggers the following error:

    grid is undefined...
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    There is the grid.column property (undocumented), which you can use for instance to hide columns - but it doesn't offer the same functionality (like getIndexById() and such).
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    Dear Ext team:

    At the moment, there's an issue with the row body feature, that makes it impossible to upgrade my application to Ext4. I've posted it in the bugs forum, please have a look:...
  24. This can be reproduced by adding row body functionalities to the grouping grid example.


    Ext.require(['*', 'Ext.grid.*']);
    Ext.onReady(function() {
  25. Building a grid with both the rowwrap (needed for a proper rowbody) and grouping features, something that was perfectly doable in Ext3, now results in the following error:

    records[i] is undefined...
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