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  1. I made the page from scratch and added a height:400 and removed the hideParent: true parameters and now it works like a charm.
  2. Ext.TabPanel does not support the 'layout:' attribute.
    I added it to the 'grid' definitions in the 'items[]' section, same result.

    If I do a storeCustTrafficDest.load() in the debugger with the...
  3. The stores are defined in an include file.

    storeTrafficDest = new
    name: 'storeTrafficDest',
    url: './ext-autojson.php?sel=trafficdest',
    baseParams: {startDate:...
  4. Thanks guys, but the issue remains the same.
    I tried the event and options in the grid definition, but the same issue.
    Can it be related to the store definition ?
  5. I am tearing my hairs out over this issue...:((

    When the page is displayed the panel gets rendered, the first tab displays the data in the store. When I click on the 2nd tab, it is not rendered,...
  6. [deleted contents, got posted instead of preview..]
  7. I could not find anything about this on the forum os anywhere else.

    I have a tree with checkboxes set using the 'checked' property of each node.
    I use the id of the TreeNode to create checkboxes...
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