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  1. Google Map (Ext.Map) Info Window does not style??

    Hi everyone.
    I managed to implement the InfoWindow feature in Google Map using Ext.Map, but noticed that html content dumped into it does not style.. is this the fault of Sencha, or am I missing...
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    activeButton on toolbar doesn't work

    Hi everyone. I have noticed that the activeButton property does not seem to work with tool bar items. I've also tried activeItem but to no avail. In some of the examples in Sencha, activeButton was...
  3. Is it possible to integrate Facebook authentication into Sencha Touch

    Hi everyone, I was thinking has anyone of you manage to implement Facebook's authentication feature with Touch? I would love to have my app to display the user's profile. But is this even possible in...
  4. I copied the embed code directly from Youtube's...

    I copied the embed code directly from Youtube's embed feature; though it has Flash related variables it actually loads and can play videos directly. Probably HTML5 code is passed when the user-agent...
  5. Youtube appears as "objects" stuck to screen

    Hi everyone, I've come across a weird experience with youtube embed. When you have a Ext.Panel with its html property containing embedded codes from youtube, the preview box appears but -- it DOESN'T...
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    Update: Thanks friend, I've tried it and it...

    Update: Thanks friend, I've tried it and it works! Although not fully anyway, scrolling is abit weird and sometimes pinching does not work properly (ex I've come to conclude that Sencha a...
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    How to display web page in Ext.Panel

    Hi everyone. I would simply like to display a web site on a standard Ext.Panel frame, so it effectively behaves like a browser container.
    It's pretty simple idea, but I am stumped on how to code it....
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