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  1. Poll: yes

    Exactly, I would just like to try it out but don't see the point knowing that I won't be able to afford a large package of other stuff I don't need at the moment.
  2. Poll: Plan for a stand alone Sencha Eclipse Plugin?

    If you really think about it, the eclipse plugin is just a way for developers to more quickly discover and use the extjs framework.

    I can still figure it all out by using the very clean online API...
  3. Best way to add scroll bars to entire application...

    I have the following Viewport that houses my app...

    Ext.define('my.view.Viewport', {
    extend: 'Ext.Viewport',
    id: 'viewport',
    layout: 'border',
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    thanks for the pointers scott
    just thought I'd post the solution I ended up using for other people searching for a way to remove the red squiggly line...


  5. a question from my manager that i'm not sure how to answer...

    can anyone give me some insight on what we will gain/lose using REST vs extdirect?

    since we are building a public facing webservice does that pretty much exclude using extdirect?

    below is the...
  6. Tip for Expert Flex devs trying to learn the Sencha framework

    If you are just starting to learn then my advice would be to get Sencha Architect 2 and then carefully follow this guide step by step:
  7. Skype Name

    skype name: algerdp
  8. ExtJS - Direct - Spring - Tomcat - Eclipse - Maven...

    I think I need someone to hold my hand...

    I have this sample project running but haven't been able to modify the User object and keep it running. Anyone willing to spend an hour or two helping me...
  9. so i got around using the tab panel and instead...

    so i got around using the tab panel and instead built my main page using <div> for the tabs across the top and the main content on the bottom.

    is this the right approach for an application that is...
  10. Hard time skinning the Tab Bar to have transparent non-selected tabs

    I've spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this one out on my own and figured someone else here has probably already done something like this.

    Question 1: can i push all the tabs in the bar...
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    I assume this would be what we are both looking...

    I assume this would be what we are both looking for but I haven't been able to get it to work --
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    I also come from a Flex background and there have...

    I also come from a Flex background and there have been quite a few things I've had to adapt to. Some good, some bad.

    Sencha framework is 100% javascript and css so it is really just a nice head...
  13. Level of effort for making a 'fat' Neptune theme

    The neptune theme looks really nice and will work nicely with the app we are building though it doesn't look like all the browser incompatibilities are going away any time soon so I was wondering how...
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    How to change failed validation styles

    Instead of a red squiggly line at the bottom and an icon to the right I just want the entire field to have a red border and pale red background with hovering anywhere over the field will show the...
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    I'm in the exact same boat

    I thought I posted this question as I was reading it. I don't think there is a good IDE with code complete anywhere close to what you are asking for.

    As far as I can tell some veterans say they...
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    screenshots added to bug report

    Here is a link to the bug I opened with a few screenshots -
  17. Icon Tabs - Chrome 33941 Icon Tabs - IE9 ...

    Icon Tabs - Chrome


    Icon Tabs - IE9


    Icon Tabs - FF11
  18. Neptune Theme - Default icons not working in browsers other than google chrome

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1 rev rc3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Operating System:
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    Neptune Theme only working in Chrome?

    I know this isn't released yet but my designer wanted to see all the default icons in the Neptune theme.

    So I put a link to 4.1 rc3 kitchen sink at the following location adding in the various...
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