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    Нow to add a custom font to ExtJS?

    Hello, colleagues!

    Please suggest, how to add a custom font to ExtJS so, that it would be loaded together with the applicaton, in case the user doesn't have this font installed in his system?
  2. How to set scss rules for all components which have 'alt confirm' in 'ui' property?

    Dear colleagues,

    please help, if somebody knows how to do it.

    Say, i have to style the components, which have both 'alt' and 'confirm' ui, in a special way (custom background, custom color)....
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    Trying to use Material Icons to a theme

    Hello, colleagues!
    I have my own theme derived from theme-ios and want to use Material Design Icons () in it. As this icon font is not present in this theme, I have to plug it in.

    Maybe i do it...
  4. How to add and use the second icon font to the ExtJS theme?

    Dear colleagues,
    i use a theme deriving from theme-ios. It uses FontAwesome icon font.

    But in addition to it, i want to use Material icons ( for some components. This...
  5. Dan, thank you very much!

    Dan, thank you very much!
  6. How to change button color, only if this button is situated on TitleBar?

    Dear colleagues,
    i'm new to ExtJS, reading now everything about it, but cannot understand how to do the following simple thing:

    say, I have a dark-blue toolbar, and I need that buttons situated...
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