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  1. this bug still exist in sencha 2.3.1 for chrome.

    can sencha team do something about this ?

    - solution post:...
  2. it's been years and this thing still happen and with no hope of sencha's guys will do anything about it..
  3. this is some known "hurdle" in ST,
    basically the list need a height to be rendered correctly.
    for those time that we don't know the exact height that we want and just want the list to expand as...
  4. Hi there,

    I need to load value from localstorage / db on each device and set it to global variable before the app launch event,

    I tried the app onReady function but with this period my other...
  5. so it never got to final release i suppose which is upsetting as we clearly needing this simple functionality..
  6. saved me from converting from dataview to list :D
    hope sencha team do come up for this scrolling issue on Dataview.

    for my case it's a dataview which use dataItem which have 3 buttons (max only 2...
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    Please elaborate on how to use this solution ?

    Do you mean for us to overwrite the Dataview class ?
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    I do get kind of this error now,
    It's not "nothing to compile" but rather saying:

    Compass is not a recognized command

    so I do gem install sass & gem install compass

    The command is...
  9. no hope via code,
    but you might able to make it work via css and overwrite its style...
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    well the html5 video tag specification have attribute for "autoplay",

    assuming somehow you can access the component either after painted on dom by attached listener or when defining the class you...
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    Thank you Ronny for the proposed solution,

    I do think it is something to do with Chrome,
    I noticed that they also discuss this matter in chrome google groups,
  12. there is this hidden gem function in DataItem that not many know.
    "updateRecord" which will pass the "record" of the data.
    you can try to do the settings inside that function.

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    Hi there,
    <a style="text-decoration: none; font-weight:normal;" href = ""><font color="000000">Buy Adobe CS6</font></a>
    so recently I noticed that there is this warning showing on...
  14. working fine on safari,no error being thrown on console log by my app.running example from my local web server ?PS: for my application at least re-converting the video using handbrake and web...
  15. Can you suggest what might cause the problem ?
    as i can still reproduce this error and not only on my machine but also on my colleague machine.

    Following is screen capture from video example in...
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    for autorewind you can simply use:

    loop: true

    but yeah a guide regarding using videojs alongside sencha touch will be nice
  17. Hi There,

    Have anyone tried using ST 2.3.1 Ext.Video on chrome 36.0.1985.125 ?
    some of the video is not playing or can only be played once and there won't be anything happening for the second...
  18. How to apply this for ST 2.3 ?
    I noticed that we need to use Ext.define instead of Ext.override but I cannot find replacement of "Ext.util.Scroller.Indicator"

  19. why am i getting vote down for this ?
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    Clever idea!!

    really something to think of calling the updateRecord event.
    I'm not aware there is such a thing.

    With that we can pass down the data from the model into the items specified in...
  21. Hi there,

    as the title say, its supposed to be a straightforward thing.
    Most of the time we can just add custom config property in the view class, controller class and even most of the component...
  22. how exactly is to use those workaround fix that override sencha's default code??
    just create a new file and put it somewhere in app folder ?
    so many of override patch suggested yet none of...
  23. Hi,

    nope, I haven't found any workaround for this..
    And the fact that it only happens on certain device make it harder...

    maybe if sencha's team come to realize about this issue they can do...
  24. the problem lies in android,as "external storage" can be:- part of internal storage partioned/defined as external storage (emulated version)- real physical storage (sd card)and by OS, before kitkat...
  25. Hi Greg,Thanks for the reply, really appreciate the effort of putting all those link into this thread. Yeah I've been to most of those links but couldn't really get it.Basically those article is...
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