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  1. ext-
  2. no, didn't resolve it.
  3. ok, adding

    idProperty: 'id'

    to my model doesn't fix the problem.
  4. hi,
    thanks for your effort!! i'll try to implement your example into my app environment.
    on thing i'm surely don't have is some kind of an idProperty in my model.
  5. slemmon, thanks for trying to help me!!
    enclosed you will find all relevant code parts.

    my data model:

  6. i do have a buffered store (infinite scrolling with >10.000 records).
    so far it works fine as long there are records in the store.
    if there are no records i get the exception

  7. Does 'Buffered Rendering' mean, that my store first loads all records from the server, in my case more than 10.000?
  8. I'm using the <script> tag because my app is a desktop-like app. So to say, it should be started in the morning and closed in the evening. Through that I only need to load the javascript only one...
  9. Hi, I'm just updating my application from 4.07 to 4.2 and ran into the problem, that the new infinite grid causes an error if i apply a filter to it.

    my code:

    this._store =...
  10. because ExtJS 4.2 seems to have a bug in using filters on an buffered grid (infinite grid), i rewrote my code and now i'm just using a simple search field to let the user search all over the grid's...
  11. Hi, I'm just updating my application from 4.07 to 4.2 and ran into the problem, that the new infinite grid causes an error if i apply a filter to it.

    my code:

    this._store =...
  12. i'd just want to ask if there are some news on this bug?
  13. I do have the following situation:

    A container Panel with 2 panels inside. 2 Buttons to hide/show the 2nd panel.
    Now showing and hiding the 2nd panel leads to memory leaks that makes an ExtJS...
  14. to break down the problem so far that it is reproducible for everyone, i set up a small example:

    // ---- container with 2 panels + toolbar

    var panel1Toolbar =
  15. Thanks for the answer!
    I've rewritten the code and nothing has changed in behavior.

    I've tried another test:
    i know, ... still using id's ...
    but: some parts of my panel's content are...
  16. hi there,
    inspecting my testapplication with google chrome, i've found out, every time i add some panels or forms to a window and remove them later with myWin.removeAll() something stays in memory...
  17. Just take a look here:
  18. I hope so!
  19. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \:D/\:D/\:D/

    //console.log('on load',arguments);
    var grid =...
  20. That was also my thought and I also do have no Idea, 'what' tells me that the scrollbar is 'on top' :-)
    Thank you anyway for trying me to help!
    In between I took a look at sencha's example of the...
  21. I tried to reload the store at the 'LOAD' event but it ends up in an infinite prefetch-loop.
    I don't really want to use paging. It should be a high quality reference Project, which shows...
  22. Hi Farish,
    these are REALLY BAD news! What arguments are left to tell a customer in such a Situation?
    It seems very risky to me to use ExtJS on commercial Projects.
    Do you know any method to tell...
  23. Hi there :-)

    Thanks, but all actions are ignored. I've tried:

    console.log('on load',arguments);
  24. I do have an infinite Grid with {xtype: 'rownumberer',width: 50,sortable: false} at the first column.
    If I scroll down, so the first row gets out of view and if I then scroll up again, the row #1...
  25. Thanks, msinn!
    I found out the same solution for me in between and replied it here, but I got a message from the Forum, that my posting will be observed by an moderator ...
    It's not possible for me...
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