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    Thanks for the bundle! Is there any best practice for structering a ExtJs4 / Symfony4 application?
    I have problems to understand how dynamic loading from ExtJs4 can be combine with symfony2 bundle...
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    I have exactly the same problem. Any hint or solution?
    Thank you!
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    Thanks for this great Extension. Everything works fine but after update to 2.0.5 getting this error in Firebug this.addEvents is not a function. I just replacing adapter, Ext.ux.HighChart and...
  4. Ok thank you for your answer.

    I get an error groupBody.child is not a function
  5. @bbxx

    can you post your code how you access the getGroupData method?

    Thank You!
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    I have the same problem. Hope that will be fixed soon.
  7. ok it was too easy :">
    Now how can I reorder/sort the elements?
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    i tried out jsakalos' Drag&Drop tutorial
    It works so far so good, but how can I drag div elements with childs for...
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    add a destroy Instance:

    ,destroyInstance: function(){
    if (CKEDITOR.instances[]) {
    delete CKEDITOR.instances[];
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    Here is a complete example for using FCKEditor Extension

    When this works replace the two lines I posted and set the correct paths to CKEditor.
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    Hm I tested it today. Replace

    oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor( element );with

    oFCKeditor = new CKEDITOR.replace(element);And it works. I have the editor in a Tabpanel. Only the sizing not work...
  12. Latets Version works for me! Thank you again.

    I put the generated image into a pdf and show it in a new window after hitting the save button. By the way I use fpdf class. The fpdf class have...
  13. Ok thank you!!! I have not seen the SVN.
    I want to put the posted image into a PDF so there should no problem with IE, I think?
  14. Thank you for reply! I already found this page and it works but I can't implement it into Ext.ux.OFCWindow.
  15. No ideas?
  16. Hi,

    any suggestions for printing or rather save as image a OFC?

    Thank you!
  17. Yes it is a FF and Safari bug . semicolon on the end works in IE. Thank you!! :)
  18. Thats my json response from the server
    Field "count" containing the bullsign

  19. Hi,

    it's first time I test my testapplication in IE7. In one grid column I use HTML signs like •
    FF and Safari show the bulletsign correctly in the grid column, IE7 only shows plaintext...
  20. I've already seen you example and it helped me. Thank you!
  21. Right, but I thought there is something provides by Ext. what can use for that. Saving data from a Editable grid and deleting rows in them is nothing exceeding
  22. Seriously? I think there is definitly a better way.
  23. I solved it now for me.

    listeners:{click:{scope:this, buffer:200, fn:function(btn) {
    var selectedRecords = this.getSelectionModel().getSelections();
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    Maybe you have no toolbar or paging bar in your grid. You must post the code from your grid.
  25. When I add rows von grid a to the editable grid b I want save them. That was my first goal and it works.
    My problem was when I delete a row which I have added to grid b. They were saved, too....
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