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  1. It does not work of latest Firefox (35.0.1) either.
  2. I'm using Chrome Version 40.0.2214.93 m.If you scroll down the combo up to 'Colors' and then expand the node, the combo will come back to the beginning.Thanks
  3. Hi,

    I have a combotree with lots of items. When I scroll down to the last item, and expand the node tree, it refreshes the combo and vertical scroll bar goes to the top.

    How to keep the scroll...
  4. Any news on this?
  5. For an example, you can check on Grid Plugins:!/example/grid/grid-plugins.html

    the example: 'Framed with Checkbox Selection and Horizontal Scrolling'.
  6. Sorry I overlooked all the questions.

    The version we are using is 4.1.2a

    Thanks again
  7. In order to select multiple rows, you have to click on the checkbox, not in the rows. Clicking on the rows, select only one.

    And on the narrow column where the checkbox lies, if you click outside...
  8. Hi all,

    I have a very annoying problem. I have a multiple selection grid with the Checkbox Column plugin enabled.

    If you want to select multiple items, you have to target the checkbox and click...
  9. It looks like it's not fixed in 4.1.3 yet.

    I tried 'slemmon' solution and it was the only way you don't have to click twice on a collapsed group.
  10. Awesome! EXTJSIV-7578 looks to be exactly the problem I'm facing!

    Applying the patch right now...
  11. Good point. I can't say. Since this seems fixed on the next version and I'm using Chrome 23, I'll keep an eye on version 24 and see if they will merge it.

  12. I know. As I said previously, it works 99% of the time. Once in a while it fails. All this happens on the init event and none of the components have been rendered yet.
  13. Yes. I have a controller and on the "init: function() { ..." I have something like:

    Ext.Function.defer(function() {
    xtype: 'mycomponent',
  14. Hi all,

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem and I'm certain it's a timing issue. Sometimes it's happens and sometimes it's not.

    Basically I have a component that sits on TabPanel that is not...
  15. Replies
    Hi Leonardo,

    Thanks for the great work.

    I think I might have found a problem.

    I'm using 'reconfigure' in my grid. One grid I want to have the FilterBar and another one I don't. So I setup...
  16. Tks. This writer works beautifully and know with 'mapping' on read and 'mappedjson' on write I don't have to flatten my classes anymore!
  17. Hi,

    I'm playing with ExtJS 4.1.1 and custom CSS for a button.

    The button is on a container that has a black background color.

    Here is the code:
  18. Tks. It makes total sense to use a component instead of displayfield for a pure html display. I just reported because on 4.0.7 it works and it does not get mangle even you put a css. I think it's...
  19. I can confirm it's working. I suggest you to first run the example on examples/multiselect/ and confirm if everythin is OK (environment, browser, etc). Then change your code based on this example....

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1rc2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome - lastest version
  21. I think I figured out the problem... I had a local copy of MultiSelect.js and ItemSelector.js (since they are 'ux')...

    I will try to use the 'official' copies which are on the examples/ux/form...
  22. Any update on this ? I tested on Ext-4.1.1rc2, latest Chrome and it still not working.
  23. Understood. Thanks.
  24. Hi,

    Short version:
    - Can someone please post a complete and functional example of how to reuse MVC components ? What I specifically need - and couldn't make it work (see long version) - is a...
  25. Thanks!

    I'll give it a try!!
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