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    Is there any word on planned release dates for 6.1? Thanks.
  2. No, I cannot see the issue with that Fiddle.

    It seems that IE11 is not responding to 304 properly on the files loaded by the microloader - the app.js and the CSS files. Setting the cache control...
  3. I have an Ext 6.0.1 app that sometimes renders as a blank page –
    This happens only with the production build
    This happens only on IE11 – never on any other browsers as far as I can tell

  4. With several apps on I am seeing that Ext.onReady does not always fire - result is nothing gets rendered. Happens on IE11 - Chrome, FF, and Safari are fine. I know there are very old...
  5. Not working for me either.

    I have a class in my package that extends Without changing the .cfg the package build fails...
    [ERR] Failed to resolve dependency
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