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  1. Thanks I will
  2. Hi, I have a little problem. I use a Datastore to store data from a editor grid, and I need send that data throw an Ext.Ajax.request, but I don't now how get it and to save it to a database using...
  3. Hello everybody, yeah again IE, My problem is: I have a tabpanel with 2 tabs.
    In my first tab i have a grid (Master) and the second I have two grid A and B.
    If in the first grid Master I select...
  4. Thanks all you, I finally fix the problem, I use a to mapping the fields, and I use a reader. See the code above:

    var rcFuncionarioRenuente =[
  5. I already did that:

    var rcFuncionarioRenuente =[
    {name: 'nombre', mapping: 'NOMBRE'},
    {name: 'apellido'}

    var readerFuncionarioRenuente = new...
  6. Hello everyone, I have a problem with load data to a FormPanel, look mi code (a little big):

    (With ZendFramework)

    FormPanel Constructor

    Apps.gestionar.form.registrarFuncionarioRenuente = ...
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    Hello, I'm having that problem, I watch in my application sometimes has duplicate elements, like combobox. Can you helpme about solve this problem?, if somebody can put some code for example that...
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    Thanks so much, I thought that it was more difficult :)).
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    Hello everybody, i show a window and I need mask everything else., do you can post the code for an example about it? thanks so much.
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