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  1. I'm using ExtJS 3.0.3, and I also have the problem but the workaround doesn't work for me.

    FireFox and IE8 works fine, but Safari and Chrome didn't render the Trigger element as expected on hidden...
  2. Thanks you very much for your help Animal,

    The new code works perfect!
  3. Animal,

    I like your solution, but when I want to remove a button from the toolbar, extjs throws an exception because Ext.layout.FloatLayout conflicts with multidom.js (a library used by...
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    Sorry, it was my fault... please ignore my last post.

    I had a problem in my own code, the ManagedIFrame with PDF/submitAsTarget works as expected on IE8 ....
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    Hello all,

    I'm using ManagedIframe to show a PDF using submitAsTarget and it works great on FireFox, Safari and Chrome using browser's Acrobat Plugin (on windows) or Preview plugin (on mac).
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    I followed your suggestion; and the code that finally I used was:

    new MIF({
    autoLoad :{
    submitAsTarget : true,
    url: reportUrl,
    params: { reportconfig:...
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    I'm interested in show a PDF report on a ManagedIFrame, but my problem is that the REST service that produces the PDF need the report parameters as a JSON object. So, I need to POST a JSON...
  8. MindPatterns,

    Thank you very much. That did the trick... the wizard is working now with 3.0.3.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to use the wizard with 3.0.3 but it is not working. When you click on next button, nothing happen.

    To reproduce the problem, run the wizard example against extjs 3.0.3.

  10. Condor,

    I tried your code today and it works perfect. Thank you very much for your help.
  11. Hello Condor,

    I'm not interersted in using AcyncTreeNodes with this feature, but I'm interested to see even if it's slow the code to correct the problem.

    It's confused when you uncheck a...
  12. [quote=Rodolfo;243020]getChecked(); not work if you check or uncheck only a parent (folder) node ?
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