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  1. OK. Just thought you guys might have someplace to support Sencha devs looking for work.

    You know.. be the place for all things Sencha. :/

    Not posted yet. Just starting the process. Figuring...
  2. Yeah, but isn't that only for freelance developers?
  3. Don't want to break the rules/etiquette.

    This is not freelance work, but a full-time position in Boston, MA.

    I would think somewhere on this forum there'd be something that lists positions...
  4. Yep. So I guess that solves it for me. I had an old URL bookmarked that triggered cross-site scripting alerts in my browser. Maybe Sencha should add a redirect for the old url to help mitigate the...
  5. I go to, which I have bookmarked.

    Then I click on the "Sencha Search" box on the top right of the page.

    Type in some words and hit enter.

    Visually it just...
  6. XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by...
  7. if it happens again, I'll check for error messages and send it along. :)
  8. sorry for being snarky. it usually hangs for me.

    just went back and ran "textarea expand" which failed before and it worked.

    didn't have web inspector open before. didn't see an error...
  9. no matter what I do it just expands, I enter a search term, hit return... nothing. ever.

    Mountain Lion, Safari, latest of everything.

    Please fix or bring back the functional search.

  10. The app we're building supports Asian characters.

    The place where we've run into trouble with Sencha Touch 2 is in Route.js

    The regular expressions in the class only allow for [a-zA-Z0-9_].
  11. I'm looking at the kitchen sink example on an iPhone 4s iOS 5.1 Sencha version

    And the address bar does not hide.
  12. Another vote for putting something together in Boston.

    There HAS to be enough enough coders floating around THIS town! :)
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    Well that sucks.

    They should have some sort of alternative "online" conference if they aren't going to have an IRL one.
    Conferences are an important way to build community around a platform.
  14. Just watched the WWDC Keynote.

    Looks like we'll be able to upload photos. Finally. :) And one slide said "faster Javascript in Safari"

    Didn't pick up on anything else yet. Can't even access...
  15. all I was missing was the require. thanks.
  16. that was it! thanks!
  17. I need to create a dropdown/overlay that has a list of items where by tapping on an item I can execute a function. Simple and straightforward.. I think.

    I've been reading the docs and looking at...
  18. My company and our associated user accounts are Premium Members. We have a bunch of those x-credit things.

    I've been using the Premium Help section on the forum for a couple months now. Sometime...
  19. Did you every figure this out? I have the same issue.

    My code works perfectly the first time. But the JSONP request won't call again unless I reload the whole page/app in the browser. (in my case...
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    just encountered this myself. googling around for an answer.

    +1 for suggestions. :)
  21. I've followed the Overlays example from the ST2 download. I can get an overlay to appear appropriately styled if I follow that example.

    My question is does an overlay have to be created in the...
  22. I have a view panel with a tab bar at the bottom, and a controller for the view. (included below)

    I have 4 items in my tab bar and an extra overlay panel, which I'd like to make visible when I...
  23. I thought that was probably the right answer, just didn't see it anywhere else and wanted some "official word."

    Thanks for the really fast response. Much appreciated.
  24. I'm currently updating a ST1 app to ST2.

    My question: As far as managing views is concerned, what's the best practice for adding a login view to the GS (Getting Started) Example we see in Ed's...
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