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  1. thanks condor i got it work using addSorted().

  2. Thanks condor addSorted work fine.
    But i am using this.getStore().loadData(data,true) to add the new row.
    Is there any way to get addSorted() behavior in this loadData() .
    or is there any way i...
  3. I added a row in groupingView , but instead of this row adding into to particular group
    it makes duplicate groups.

    please let me know how to add a row in groupingview enabled.
  4. Is extjs team will provide the needed feature in upcoming versions??
  5. Replies
    Hi Is there any way to combine both the Buffer view and Grouping view together??
  6. So are there any one supported buffer view and grouping view together.
    I am literally waiting if extjs team could do something about the needfull.
  7. But do we any solutions now to use Ext.grid.GroupingView and Ext.ux.grid.BufferView
    together. A example will be better.That will help me a lot
  8. since data is very large in my grid ~ 5000 rows grid performance was very slow.
    Pagination cannot be implemented as restrictions on pagination in our project.
    i used Buffered view it works fine but...
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