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  1. Have you thought about doing the logic in the Controller with the beforefilter?

    Sencha gives at good example:!/guide/controllers-section-before-filters...
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    Why are you not using this way:
    getTheOptions values
    add to the values array a value
    and set it again
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    Using a seperated URL is in the controller option the Routes here is the link to the guide:!/guide/controllers-section-routes

    For saving the state in the...
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    Sounds like Android the thing there is, if you change the orientation, a new Layout will be loaded and the Browser started again in the background.

    You have to save the state where the user is...
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    Dont know the method with objects to throw Events so this does the job

    ... listeners: {
    * @event maprender
    * Fired when Map initially rendered.
  6. This should work:

    xtype: 'textareafield',
    id: 'address',
    name: 'Address',
    label: 'Address',
    maxRows: 8,
    listeners: {
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  8. For that purpose i had overwritten the function Validate in the Model and created an Object and added the Request like:

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    If you want to get the Data from your Backend use an Restservice to deliver the Data you need.

    You can also save them and update it when a connection is there.

    For pure Javascript use...
  10. The Navigation View is like a big Container with an Navigation Bar at the top.
    Maybe you misunderstand how the navigation View works.

    It is like a a View with an Ext.Toolbar on top an empty Card...
  11. Maybe the Standard Videos would help you a little bit.

    The Videos are located at:!/video
    A special look at the mvc Part:...
  12. Why not using 3 textfields for that and change the style of it.
    his should be easier to code and to use or validate the data of every entry like month < 12 or days <=31 and so on.

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    How and for What do you deploy?

    Because all functions you use in this function are standard Browser functions in the newest Browsers so you don't need to require it there.

    Looks like in your...
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    Do the logcat something say about a missing Class?

    Require it in your app.js or where you need it that the Commandtool see that it would be used.
  15. Use a relative Path for your XMLHttpRequest, a good example of it is the Ux.locale.Manager from mitchellsimoens for different Languages who loads an JSON File for the Translations.

    Here the Link...
  16. do you need 2 controller?
  17. But you want the Back button (in the App or the back button of the Browser)? if iam right?

    You can use the navigation View for a back button on the Top left. this will bring you to the last view...
  18. Like i understand you want to click the image, showing the Aboutview and an Back Button in the Navigation Bar.

    So structure your Code Like this, think of the Navigation View as a panel with a...
  19. When you type "sencha" in your command you see the app under commands, when you type "sencha app" you dont see some create!

    So use "sencha generate app" its an old documentation and for an older...
  20. There must be some output with an error Message, look at the console.

    I have experienced the same thing and i only use the list if there are records else i dont draw it on the panel.
    I used a...
  21. '<tpl if="{status} = 'notprivate' ">',

    '<tpl if="{status} == 'notprivate' ">',

    maybe it is the thing shown in the docs that you have to set the data for the carousel.
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    Make a dummy entry like a caption or so for the first element.
  23. What does the logcat say? Use from the android SDK the monitor Tool for it.
  24. I used a reference to the ID for it or fire the event from the Panel or List with this.getParent().fireEvent("eventName") and catched it from the Panel.
  25. Try to use the Disclosure Click for that if it not works i use an Ext.ActionSheet for such things and let the user choose what to do.

    So when you select an item the ActionSheet appears at the...
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