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  1. Just tested this with the 2.1.1-beta release. With the exception of the drag behavior in firefox, things seem to be working as expected.

    The firefox behavior can still be seen in the 2.1.1...
  2. Just tested this with 2.1.1-beta and the issue is resolved. Thanks.
  3. GXT Version: 2.1.0
    Behavior occurs in: Hosted and Web modes.
    Browsers: Safari 4.0.4, FireFox 3.5.3
    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6

    If a tree has no root node, drag and drop issues appear. Run...
  4. Ignoring it isn't gonna make it go away...
  5. I believe I've encountered a problem when updating a ComboBox's store.

    I've got two ComboBoxes. Both ComboBoxes share the same store.

    In another part of my application, I update one of the...
  6. I'm also trying to get a component to slide in/out over a table. Any chance you could share some code if you've got this working?

  7. Something like the following should get you what you're after:

    ContentPanel c = new ContentPanel();
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