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  1. Tanks a lot Schildi,

    that solved the Problem

    exactly one of my models used local storage and the require was missing
  2. i have created the produciton build of my app via sencha app build production

    the command ran without any errors, only some warnings about commas

    when i try out the production build with chrome...
  3. is it possible to have a controller listen to and react to a locationupdate event, or is adding a listener for locationupdate directly in the GeoLocation instance the only way to react to that event?
  4. thanks, i didn't know that remove was called automatically when a view is popped, so theres no need write an extra function for the pop event
  5. Hello I was wondering what is the best practice to destroy views on pop from a navigationView

    i think listening for the pop event and then calling a function
    onPop: function(thisNav, view){...
  6. Alright, found the problem. It wasn't in my code, but in my Data Files.

    Within the different json files, some of IDs appeared multiple times (i.e. the First record in each File had the id 1). This...
  7. i have several files with nested json-data.
    i show a list in which i can select the different files to show the data it contains.
    For the first file i load, everything goes well. However when i go...
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    ok, but isn't there any way to have similiar behaviour?

    i mean to have an image with certain areas / hotspots that are clickable and then cause Sencha Touch to do something (push a new view in my...
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    Hello Everyone,

    i have a NavigationBar, one view in it has an Panel with an HTML Image Map.

    Instead having a click on an area in the Image Map load a new Page as a link, i would like to know if...
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    if the functionality you want is switching back and forth between different views, then carousel might be more suitable for you

    is there any reason you have use navigationBar?
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    I want to display the picked values of a picker when the "done" button is tapped. I have tried to modify the done button, giving it a new handler behaviour. The problem is, in the handler...
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    the onPicked Function gets called whenever the "pick" event of the picker is fired

    so there should be values picked, unless i am misinterpretting the meaning of the "pick" event
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    i am creating a new picker, showing it and then on the pick event i want to log out the picked value.
    Problem is: the value that gets log out is always null

    more specific: in Chrome i...
  14. I have redone the whole view class and now it works. I still don't get what the problem was, since the view class is pretty much identical to the old one.

    maybe i had a typo in there somewhere or...
  15. ok thanks

    when use this within the callback method

    interactionLevel = records[1],

    i can see that the correct record has been loaded
  16. Hi

    I had the same Problem. The issue is that when write

    google.maps.event.addListener(marker, "click", this.onListEntryTap());

    because of the "()" behind this.onListEntryTap the Function...
  17. Hello,

    i am trying to do the following:
    User sees a list of items (those are pathes to json files) inside a navigation view
    when one item is tapped, a store is created and its url set to the...
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    if you download sencha touch, the folder contains a subfolder called examples. In this Folder you can find all source code to the examples

    the folder structure shold look something like this:...
  19. thanks for your reply. What i've found out on the google maps documentation s this example:

    function initialize(){
    var myLatlng =new google.maps.LatLng(-25.363882,131.044922);
  20. So I add a Marker to the Map and add a Event-Listener for the 'click' - Event. The Map is inside a NavigationView. On a click on the Marker, the application should push another view into the...
  21. Thank you, that really solved the Problem.
  22. Hello,

    i am trying to put a Ext.Map as item into a NavigationView. My Problem is that neither the zoom-option nor the are set correctly

    Ext.define('myapp.view.Map', {
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