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  1. Hi Experts,

    While Searching for sorting functionality where null values to be at bottom I found this.
    select *
    from MyTable
    order by ISNULL(MyField,1) DESC,
    MyField asc;
  2. Hi ,
    I found one solution for the problem which I am facing , but it was for Sencha Touch.You can follow the link
  3. I am still facing the issue i am using Ext Js 4.2.1.

    Thank You
    Manish Pandit
  4. Hi,

    I am trying to reapply the editor and plugin when the Grid is reconfigured.

    Can you provide me the overrides I need to apply.

    When I say clonePlugins it shows me an error.

    Thank You...
  5. Were you able to get some working solution for locked columns with tab navigation ?

    We are also facing the same issue. In 4.2 version RowEditing in the locked columns is possible but i want it...
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    Thanks, it did work but for Grid without Locked Columns.If the grid is locked then this does not work.

    I want to navigate from the last locked column to the first column of the normal grid....
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    Formattted One

    cm = grid.getColumnModel();
    cm.getCellEditor(colIndex, rowIndex);
    cm.setEditable(colIndex, true / false);
    grid.focusCell(row, col);
    grid.startEditing(rowIndex, colIndex);...
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    Hi,Can anybody help me with equivalent code in ExtJs 4.2 ?cm = grid.getColumnModel();cm.getCellEditor(colIndex, rowIndex);cm.setEditable(colIndex, true / false);grid.focusCell(row,...
  9. Hi jelmer,

    I am also facing the same issue, Can you please let me know what exactly you did to solve the problem.

    How did you set the focus from last locked column to the first unlocked column,...
  10. I am still facing the same issue in Ext Js 4.2 also.

    Thank You
    Manish Pandit
  11. If I disable the key navigation then how my TAB + Enter events will work?

    Can you provide me any link or some code snippet where the key navigation is disabled and overridden ?

    Thank You...
  12. Yes, inside the grid first 5 cells are already locked. So it create 2 DIV one for locked and one for normal.
  13. Hi Friends ,

    I have one grid with locked and unlocked columns. From Locked columns i want to navigate to unlock columns by pressing Tab or Enter.

    I know when you use locked columns the grid...
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