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  1. How can I create an Horizontal Menu like below in ExtJS 4 ?
  2. Thanks Condor
  3. Its working in other browsers..
    In IE its struck at one place few times.
    Please help me out..
  4. Hi

    Ext.example.msg is not working properly in in IE.
    The slide popup is not going off few times. The alignment is also no in center.

    Please help me out.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Thank you very much for the reply. Its is not working with the above clue.

    How can we use the above layout with collapsible Panel?

    Is there any way to use collapsible Panels in Vertical Box, so...
  6. Hi Nesta, I am trying with ExtJS 3.0, but the following error is coming:
    Ext.layout.SplitVBoxLayout.superclass.calculateChildBoxes is not a function
    PLease help me out.
  7. Hi
    I am also getting the same above mentioned error.
    please help me.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Condor.
    The fix is working fine. I will surely take your suggestion to upgrade the specified ExtJs version.
  9. can someone please help me?
  10. Hi
    I am using Ext JS Library 3.0.0
    I have a GridPanel with a store. A PagingToolbar is associated with that.

    var proxyTest = new{
    url: ''
    var store = new...
  11. Condor, Thanks a lot.
    Its working fine now after defining the checkboxSel before the usage :)
  12. Can you please tell me what plugin should I add?
  13. Hi
    I am trying to display check box in Grid.
    Here is the code below :

    var Users = {
    id: 'Users-panel',
    title: 'Users',
    layout: 'fit',
  14. Hi
    Can you please give an example to implement this?
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