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  1. Thanks Gary, What about extjs 5 !!! Does it resolves in extjs 5
  2. Do any one update us!!!!!Is it possible to use grid column filters in Infinity Grid ?
  3. @Gary Scholsberg,while trying to apply column filter option in infinity grid, The grid is throwing the script error and that ends in infinite loading !!! column filtering is not working for infinity...
  4. Infinity scrolling is working fine now .. The error is because of a file in my project which overrides the default masking functionality of the component. So after updating that method its working...
  5. I also facing the same problem . Any help appreciated !! Please reply ASAP

  6. While getting a data from the server the loadMask is not loading and grid is just blank . please help me to sort this problem.
  7. Hi,

    I am using infinite grid for my project , the problem was when data were loading for the grid its not enabling the default masking functionality !!!!! i trid all the stuff i dont know why its...
  8. Hello Folks, I am dynamically setting an iconCls for a menu item on click. The problem is the menu item is set with the iconCls CSS but its not reflecting immediately. When i refresh it, the iconCls...

    Thanks In advance
  10. I also not able to apply my CSS using triggerWrapCls. Do you managed get any workaround for this? or still having the problem. I am using Extjs 4.2.2 version and its working fine with Extjs 4.0.7.
  11. Widget Drag and Drop Not Working as expected in Classic theme

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2

    Browser tested against:

  12. Hi I am having a serious trouble because of this interchange of edit events!!!

    Is there any workaround available for this bug with extjs 4.2.2 version ?

    Thank You
  13. So how can i get rid of this unwanted horizontal scroll bar with extjs 4.2.2 version itself? It seems that fix with 4.2.2 is not working for my scenario.

    Do you have any other suggestions to get...
  14. I have a different scenario which is not exactly like Mehran's but while trying with different layouts like panel with border layout and having gridPanel as an items with anchor layout, then having...
  15. Hello folks, I also facing the same problem with Extjs 4.2.2(Grid shows unwanted horizontal scroll bar) . If so the bug is fixed what will be the solution for test case given by Mehran . I think...
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