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    the correct use is:

    } else { dont(); quit = your + dayJob; }
  2. At the moment the Ext.Element.repaint method always repaints a DOM element twice if called. (once by adding the "x-repaint" class and once by removing it in a setTimeout.

    I propose rewriting it...
  3. Could anyone give an update on the status of this issue?
  4. "Working" example:

    Click the expand/collapse +sign to freeze your tab. This is caused by the extra "]" in the component query in controller.control().

    This fiddle...
  5. Apparently the problem is not fixed. Using the simple example in the first post of this thread, you can see that in 4.0.7 the callback still doesn't fire.
  6. Any news on the fixing of this bug?
  7. On first sight this doesn't seem like a difficult scenario: I want to be able to dynamically let the user add nodes to a tree. I got things working for nodes in a tree that are no leafs, but when I...
  8. Thank you very much :)
  9. Yes, you are right, I shouldn't have been lazy :). Tested on 4.0.2a. I also edited my opening post.
  10. This bug is so easy to reproduce that it's overkill to fill out the bug reporting template: just paste the following line in firebug/chrome dev tools/ie dev tools and click the upper right close...
  11. I'm having a problem very much like yours, but it is hard to compare without you providing some example code... ;)
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    I have been working on this already, see:

    Feel free to contribute :)
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    You may not be aware of this, but Pentium 4s are "Web 1.0" processors and can only compile Geocities.
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    To add to my topic start: I found at least two bugs, so maybe one of the Sencha forum guys can move this topic to the Bugs section.

    After the initial render the class names for collapsed items...
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    I am not really sure whether to post this in the Bugs section or here int help section of the forum, since I suspect I found a bug in styling the accordion panel:

    I am trying to add more padding...
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    Ok, forget that first post, I completely rewrote the ux to get it working with the fieldLabel. This is a very basic implementation that extends Ext.form.field.TextArea, but does not do any...
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    Edit: this first post is no longer of relevance, please see below!

    Althought I love Ext JS, the HTLMEditor form field is not very nice, so I took a stab at adapting the existing TinyMCE form...
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    What I am trying to do is the following: by specifying a rendering function for a Column type series in a chart, I am trying to give the columns a custom background image.

    As I understand it the...
  19. I did some more research and found out the following (all using the "User" model in my previous post):

    window.record = Ext.ModelMgr.create({}, "User");
  20. I'm trying to save a single instance of a User model, that is defined as follows:

    var user = Ext.regModel('User', {
    fields: [
  21. Discontigious selection in the TreeGrid example of PR5 doesn't work. (tested in Chrome 10.0.648.151)
  22. Thank you for the reply. It is certainly a nice ux, that provides a user with a way to enter special characters. Nevertheless I find it a bit strange that HtmlEditor breaks the character encoding.
  23. I have a FormPanel that consists of several TextFields, an HtmlEditor and several file upload fields. When I try to submit the form with a euro sign (€) or any other "special" character in the...
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    I don't think this is specifically an Ext 4 charting problem, but more of a firefox problem. I've been using firefox for many years now and every once in a while it needs a restart because it starts...
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    In the Ext.resizer.Resizer examples ( there is a bug regarding the preserveRatio option: When resize the image by dragging the...
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