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    I'd like to know the answer to this too....anyone out there who can provide some details, or some examples as to how to do dashed .vs. dotted line charts?

  2. I got it to work. You were right about setStatus, but after looking at a related post with DND, I realized that I also needed to cancel the event immediately after the setStatus.

    Here's the...
  3. None of these worked.

    And now I'm realizing that what I'm trying to modify is the Icon that appears with the Drag Source component, not the Target Component (normally red when it's dragged over an...
  4. When dragging something over a target, I'd like to give visual feedback indicating that dropping is illegal, depending on the criteria of the drag source. Displaying the default red no-enter icon is...
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    Is the 2.2 release still on schedule for June 2010?
  6. Got it figured out...

    public static native String getServicesTemplate(Integer limit) /*-{

    '<tpl for=".">',
    '<tpl if="displaySequence < ' + parseInt(limit) + '">',
  7. I could really use a tree node renderer. My tree is also not a grid but has complex ui requirements. I work around it by using templates with a custom label provider.

    Hopefully you can add this...
  8. I've got a hopefully simple question about using variables in templates.

    I have a function that returns a template, and that function has an integer argument 'limit'. I'd like to use that limit...
  9. I'm trying to do the same thing. Would appreciate a response from someone who might know the answer.

    Also wondering if there's an example out there of how to do 'and' and 'or' conditions?
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    Thank you so much. This is exactly what I need. I've added a link to this thread in my original post in the premium forum.
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    Thanks. This may be useful when I need to start building forms.

    I do hope that future versions have GXT have more robust support for form layout and validation.

    Grids and trees have amazingly...
  12. Thanks for the quick fix. I'll give it a try.
  13. I'm populating a store with a list of ModelData, and then adding this store to a ComboBox.
    The ComboBox loads perfectly. But when I select an item from the list, and then refresh the store, the...
  14. Thanks...I went with the first approach. Worked perfectly.
  15. I'm trying to simply add an ONCLICK event-handler to an HTML widget:

    Html alertHtml = new Html();
    alertHtml.setHtml("Click Me");
    alertHtml.addListener(Events.OnClick, new...
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    I'm hoping that this makes it into 2.0 as well. Our product would really benefit from this feature.
  17. Thanks. I'll stick with my workaround until then.
  18. Thanks for your reply. Yes, Label/Value is the Model class.

    I tried your suggestion, but this gives me a null pointer exception when I click on a value.

    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped...
  19. I have a listener which returns the values of each cell of a record clicked on a grid.

    The grid is bound to a store which contains a list of LabelValue objects. The LabelValue class consists of...
  20. I'm having trouble getting tooltips to display in a list.

    I'm binding a ListView to a ListStore. The ListStore contains a list of "Fast Facts".
    Fast Facts simply has a "summary" and "detail"...
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    Ditto. I'm really hoping Grid Column reordering makes it into 2.0.
  22. Thanks. That's one of the reasons why our company is leaning toward Ext GWT over Ext JS, since we have more Java expertise in-house. And I'm more like you--I have more JavaScript than Java...
  23. Yes, my main concern are UI features that aren't available in the GXT version, such as grid column drag and drop. And whether Ext JS 3.0 will introduce new features that won't be available in Ext GWT...
  24. [I posted this same question to the Ext GWT forum last week...I'd especially like to hear from folks who have used both Ext JS and Ext GWT...thanks]


    My company is currently evaluating...
  25. Thanks. I did take a look at the roadmap, but still didn't see anything specific as to actual feature differences between Ext GWT and Ext JS.

    I'm hoping that Ext GWT 2.0 will completely close the...
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