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  1. I had the same issue and I think the syncSize function does not work correct for the tabpanel.

    I override it like this:

    syncSize: function() {
    delete this.lastSize;
  2. i'm using ext js 2.2 and have tryout your workaround.
    My conclusion:
    it works fine if your only using tabs with 'border' layout. If your're using a a tab with layout 'fit' the tab isn't displayed...
  3. thanks for your quickly reply.
    now it works fine in IE and FF.
  4. yeah, it seems so. the changes fixes my bug.
    sry for posting twice.
  5. hi @all,

    I'm using Ext 2.2 on Firefox and IE.

    I have a GridPanel with CheckBoxSelectionModel and the sum off the cols width is over 186% of the panels width. when I scroll to the end...
  6. hi @all,

    i'm using ext 2.2 and Firefox 3.
    i used a gridpanel on my application with horizontal and vertical scrollbar. when i leave the grid (with the mouse cursor) over one of the scrollbars,...
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    I found it.

    See here:

    Add override the onResize function of multiselect:

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.Multiselect, {
    onResize: function(w,h){
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    first at all: thx for the nice work.

    I'm trying to use the multiselect with anchorLayout. in FF everything works fine.
    But in IE the width and height of the multiselect can grow, but...
  9. Yeah, I'm looking on system memory with process explorer (

    If I only open the Info Window and directly close or open the other Info...
  10. edit: *example delete*

    Try it out in IE6.

    Click on the marker, play with the tabs and then click to the other marker, play with the tabs and so on.
    Do this several times.

    Look at the...
  11. Hello,

    I have found a memory leak under IE6 using QuickTips and GoogleMaps API openInfoWindowTabs().

    I create some marker on the google map and on the click event at the marker there is open an...
  12. Found a "bug" in your renderUI function.
    I use a store and loading the data via ajax.
    when i intializied the grid, the row data isn't avaible, it take a few seconds until it load.
    Then there is...
  13. I found a bug in IE7 and Ext.Toolbar.SplitButton.
    I have a very complex Layout and I used a toolbar with a Splitbutton.
    In IE6 and FF every thing works correct.
    But in IE7 it would be rendered...
  14. Hey MeDavid,

    thanks for the nice work you've done.

    greetz Klaus
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