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  1. I have a Fiddle Example here:

    If you use the RemotingApiWorking variable which has only 1 element in params it works, it doesnt with more params. and leads...
  2. Thanks for your answer. I use the Menu as Floating and Plain, so i just replaced onFocusLeave with an empty function which helped me.
  3. So, how can i prevent the new behaviour in 5.1.0? I was happily using the Menu as a Static Menu which was always shown, now it hides once it looses focus.
  4. This doesnt seem to work for me at all, the widget variable has no function setVisible, nor a visible field
  5. Can confirm pbienick's bug with my setup too. Also, it still changes the index.html inside of the SDK Directory as well as creating an app Directory, resources directory and sass directory.
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    for me it doesnt create the index.html file in that output directory of the json files. i get a neptune.json and a neptune-touch.json and their folders, where both have index.html files and different...
  7. Be warned, this actually seems to change files inside your SDK directory.

    It could be that this works with a extjs 5.0.2 (not tested), but you can accidentially modify your 5.0.1 SDK which should...
  8. For me its still happening in fiddle with the nightly from 20140827. It could be that this setting just doesnt switch to invisible for your Screen (then there is no error occuring):

  9. I created a test-case here:

    This only occurs once the visibility is to change according to the responsive rule. Column has a setVisible method so i would...
  10. I'm still having that exact Issue with Ext 4.2.2 and can relate it to Display 576 Points in a Chart thats 1145px wide. (it even occurs with only 96 datapoints). It works with 48 Datapoints, so i...
  11. Also exists in 4.1b3.
  12. Thanks!

    It could have been that easy... ;)
  13. Hi!

    As i was not able to get a window through its itemId i had to use something like this:

  14. This issue still exists in 4.1beta2. It also happens when you define it inside the Items of the container. If you constrain it and use autoShow: true it wont be constrained. Even if you do it inside...
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