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  1. Thank you Mitchell ;)
  2. Hello everybody,

    I am pleased to present you my first professional project developped with Sencha Touch 2 and Phonegap.

    The application is available on Android and iOS, it was also supposed to...
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    Hello there,

    I'm facing the same issue with the 6px height bug, I tried all the fix but nothing seems to work or I forgot something :

    I'm using Phonegap 2.2.0 and Sencha Touch 2.1.0

    In my...
  4. Hello,

    Yeah I'll investigate about the appLoadingIndicator bug after fixing everything else, but I haven't modify that part of the code, the only thing I know is when I let the CSS the application...
  5. Hello in4p,

    I'm almost done with this problem,

    Finally the error came from :
    jQuery.js who have an issue with Phonegap and Blackberry in the version above 1.6.4
    And the appLoadingIndicator...
  6. Thank you so much again for your help,

    1) I'm using ST2.1, I have some list in my application but not in the main view, if the list can bring trouble, I could try to find another way to do some of...
  7. Hello in4p,

    I spent the last days trying to find a solution for my problem,

    Yes I'm wrapping my application with Webwork since the beginning, I was planning to export for OS6 at first but it...
  8. Hello in4p,

    Thank you for your answer,

    Well, when I'm using ripple with the plateform : Apache Cordova / Phonegap 2.0.0 everything works fine.
    If I'm using the plateform Webworks 2.0.0 I have...
  9. I keep looking for a solution for my problem and using this index.html :

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    var app = {
    initialize: function() {
  10. Hello everybody,

    I'm stuck for hours now on this problem, I have my application created with the last version of Sencha, who works fine on IOS and Android, using Phonegap 2.2.0 to pack everything....
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    Hello ingo.hefti,

    No I am using px because I thought it was the best way to be sure that my font will be at the same size on 320px, 340px, 280px width screen...

    So if I'm using em if I set at...
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    Hello everybody,

    I have a (stupid?) question. My application must work on normal and retina screen (iphone / android)

    Right now, I made a CSS where I set all my typo, div, image... size to feet...
  13. Hello ingo.hefti !

    Thank you for your answer, it works ! :)

  14. Hello everybody,

    I'm facing an issue with the new sencha build compiler.

    When I'm building my application with the command : sencha app build production, the app.js file will convert all my...
  15. Hello jweber,

    Thanks for the information, I'm checking all of this! :)
  16. Hello everybody,

    Is both solution for Twitter and Facebook will work well in Native wrapper on ios, android and Blackberry ?

    Thank you,

  17. Hey there,

    I have quite big project to realise with Sencha Touch 2 for native packaging application, but I'm still wondering how to architect it.

    Let's take an example :

    I'm using a...
  18. Hello everyone,

    I have a small question, when I take a picture with Ext.device.Camera in my application, is this picture saved automatically in the library or mobile gallery?

    The idea is I...
  19. No it's not an issue, but I don't think there is another solution to fix my problem?
  20. Thank you so much to both of you, I finally understood the problem, it came from this part :

    this.each(function(records) {
    localStore.add(records.getData() );
  21. Hello bluehipy!

    I keep work on it for few hours and I'm still get stuck. yeah the localstorage is enable in chrome and safari is offline. But I'm not sure about autoload, you mean I have to...
  22. it looks like in safari mobile it's working and I can reach and feed my store. But when I'm offline it still not working, maybe I'm not reaching the local data properly?
  23. Yeah it's a typo, sorry, it's AboutStoreLocal.js

    It return me undefined.

    I tried to implement it like that before and that's why I wrote the ugly line which was working.

    But it's weird...
  24. Hello bluehippy!

    Yeah I'm declaring it in app.js

    requires: [
  25. Hello everybody,

    I'm facing a big question on how to implement localstorage in my application and I'm not alone as I saw in all my research to find a solution.

    I saw that in android app and...
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