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  1. I don't understand what you are trying to say. If I store the parent with
    ExtJS will try to save the children as "". It doesn't matter what's in the data, or whether the data is...
  2. This question is similar to

    This time I'm interested why an array of children that belong to...
  3. I have an entity defined like this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.Entity', { extend : '',
    fields : [ {
    name : 'id',
    type : 'int'
    } ]

    If I instantiate...
  4. I have a parent model which hasMany children which belongTo the parent.

    A store of children contains children instance. If I look at the store,

    the items in the...
  5. When a filter is added to a paging grid, it only filters the displayed data.
    I was expecting something like:

    Use filter to download page data and total count from database (rows 1-10, total...
  6. Yes, I wanted to have that. The structure would be like this:
    html page A with A.js using Oib.js to apply Vtype.
    html page B with B.js using Oib.js to apply Vtype.
  7. Let me check if I understand you right:
    File A applies Oib Vtype using Oib file
    File B applies Oib Vtype using Oib file

    They could end up in racing conditions?
  8. What's wrong with:

    Put my files in

    First define the path to my external files.

    enabled : true,
    paths : {
  9. I'd like to move my custom validations that are repeated in my views to external files that I would load when needed. So for this validation:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.field.VTypes, {
  10. I have the following code to filter a grid from values inputed in a form on a click of a button. The problem is that the first time the filters are activated, only the first filter...
  11. I think I understand the problem.

    Judging by the available information, ExtJS cannot update or delete records in nested models. So for everything other than a few simple demonstration examples,...
  12. Perhaps I wasn't giving enough information. Here's a quick sketch of what I want to accomplish:


    As I understood it, I would need to create associations like this:
    Company --has-many-->...
  13. That makes sense, so let's say I got a form that has some fields and grids in it. My original question still stands - how to actually bind and send data from that form.

    Where is the proxy defined...
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    Having a store with proxy defined (api has both read and update methods defined), how do I actually save the changed store? After RowEditing, store is changed, but the changes are not sent to the...
  15. Say I've got a smaller grid to select something, let's call it Parent. After selecting, related data is shown in a form (ParentInfo), and two grids (Children, Tasks).

    So I define models "Parent",...
  16. I guess that answers my question. Thanks!
  17. How can I POST JSON data when submitting a form; or alternatively, how can I POST JSON data from a form (without calling submit)?

    When form like

    var basicInfo = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
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    It seems to me that what you are saying is that once I already have the JSON data on the server side, I can do something with it.
    What I would like to know is how to POST JSON data to the server...
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    I am sorry to be bothering you again. How could I POST JSON data with extdirectspring? Currently, the data is urlencoded.
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    I will try with the Spring community as you suggested. Thank you for your help and suggestions!
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    Perhaps I needed to include additional clarifications. I have a MyValueObject which looks approximately like this:

    MyValueObject {
    private String parameterOne;
    private String...
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    How can I send JSON data to extdirectspring? I want to manually create an additional parameter to hold grid values and add it to the submit. Currently, I am doing it like this:

    var gridItems =...
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