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  1. Hey everyone,

    I don't know how many people out here have ever heard of BroadSoft and the BroadWorks platform, but over the last few months I've been building toolkit (framework extension?) for...
  2. Yeah. You either have to use a TemplateColumn or you have to apply a CSS class to the columns which you do not want the elbow / expand icons included on and set the display to none. I just opted to...
  3. Is there an option that would allow me to disable the "expand" icons from rendering on a specific column in a tree grid?

    Right now I have a TreeGrid with 8 columns. The first column is the only...
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    I'm having pretty good success with using DWR3 configured to deliver JSON inside of Apache OFBIZ & EXT 4. It's really straight forward and easy to use.

    In your web.xml file, you should have...
  5. Ok time to start a holy war. I see your stance on VIM and challenge it with Emacs! ;)

    Actually, to be perfectly honest I use nano when on the command line.

    As far as a proper IDE goes I've...
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    I found this video from SenchaCon 2010 really helped me wrap my head around how theming in EXT 4 works:

    You'll need Compass:...
  7. Found the cause of this. It seems that when onItemAddOrRemove is called by Ext.form.Basic, it checks the child.isDestroyed property before it deletes me._fields. In my tests child.isDestroyed would...
  8. It looks like I've run up in to this bug as well, except with a slightly different use-case.

    In my use-case I have a FormPanel with a container which has a number of dynamically generated input...
  9. Have you tried using Ext.getCmp('btnClsEdt').setDisabled(true); instead?!/api/Ext.button.Button-method-setDisabled
  10. Done a bit more testing, here's what I've found:

    If you load data from the grid, remove any number of emails from the list, and then use the + button to add another row and then press "Generate"...
  11. 1.) You do not need to include ext-all.js if you are calling bootstrap.js
    2.) You were missing several ; 's throughout

    Cheers :)

    Specifically, it should be:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
  12. Hey I am new to the board, but I've been using EXT for various things for a couple years ( mainly 3.x ). What makes me love EXT is that it's a very well thought out framework w/ a sensible API. I...
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