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    I had some issues where it would resize properly so added:

    , setSize : function(width, height) {

    and all is well.
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    Thanks for the fix :)

    I've updated the first thread code and zip.
  3. FCKEditor 2.4.6 now includes a configuration option 'PreventSubmitHandler' which stops it trying to take over the FormPanel's handler.
  4. If anyone is having an issue with this component in IE7 whereby the trigger's textfield moves in mysterious ways, I've roughly traced it back to the trigger using setDisplayed(false) rather than...
  5. I finally figured it out - fckeditor modifies the onsubmit() of the hosting form and does it in a way that breaks if you have more than one editor on a form.

    It stores a reference to the existing...
  6. Hi,

    I'm having a strange issue that I would really appreciate any help with - I've tracked it up to a point, but am a little stuck on how to proceed.

    I'm using extjs2.1 on Firefox
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    Ah yes - I meant to give credit to XCheckbox ( without which this wouldn't have been written. :) Many thanks to jsakalos for all his fine work. It's just...
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    Thought this may be of use to someone - it's a three-state checkbox field. It can be set to inherited (inherits either on or off) or set to on or off. The checkbox states are indicated by...
  9. Hi All,

    I've got an odd problem when trying to set up a NestedLayout with a toolbar and was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. As I resize the center panel the toolbar...
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