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    Has noone ever changed the default buttons?
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    I would like to use Ext.MessageBox with an input field and custom buttons. I.e. not just the default behavior of Ext.MessageBox.ptomt() with a Cancel and Ok button.

    How can I...

    1) Define the...
  3. I've created a plugin that provides cookie-functionality, working around the problem above using key/value fields in the cookie-model, instead of id/value:...
  4. It's time for me to give a little back to the community. I've created this Plugin to provide cookie-like functionality in Sencha Touch.

    // Usage (for example in your application controller):...
  5. I'm trying to replicate Cookie-functionailty with a LocalStorage. For this purpose I have a Model called "Cookie" and a Store called "app.stores.cookies". When I try to load() the store with saved...
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    Good question. I have tried something similar, but failed with the TabPanel/TabBar.

    However, I was able to use a Toolbar, to which I attach a TabPanel. I'm curious if others have some insights?...
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    I suggest taking a look at the Sencha Touch theme's files hidden away in the resources folder. I guess you can copy the way they create the back button, and add-in your own wishes.
  8. Solved!

    Obviously copying a tutorial 1:1 isn't always a good idea... It was missing some of the includes (check sencha-touch.scss).
  9. I followed the theming tutorial here, and it works like a charm.

    Unfortunately now the pullrefresh-loader is visible above lists using the pullrefresh plugin!

    Does anyone have an idea what I...
  10. Got it to work :-)

    refreshFn: function(onLoadComplete, plugin){
    url: '/tools/wait.php',
    method: 'GET',
    success: function(xhr, res) {
  11. Yes
  12. How can I get a panel's width-value into a template?

    Instead of the hardcoded value "size=320" in the URL for the Google API, I need the width of the panel. This is to get an image that spans over...
  13. Yes.
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    What's the easiest way to use standard elements for views?

    Most iOS apps have the same look for data-presentation - like the built-in Form elements in Sencha Touch.

    I.e. I want to leverage the...
  15. I'm using the pullrefresh plugin with a custom function. Unfortunately I cannot get the loader to dissaper when finished. I'm probably somehow using or running the callback function wrong.
  16. If you have the phone number on your server or in the Sencha Touch application, you can easily communicate with an gateway to send an SMS.

    If you need to get the phone number from the phone's...
  17. Check out Jeff Remer's response in this thread:

    The solution works pretty well.
  18. Are you talking about a panel of 5 large icons at the bottom of your app, like many other iOS apps have it?

    If so, attach the TabPanel via docketItems to your Viewport in the MVC app. There are...
  19. Besides the more wiedely know tutorials, I found this open source project on GitHub:

    I'm not sure if this is the...
  20. Many thanks so far!
  21. I would love to see the app code too!
  22. Yes, I am familiar with this process from other frameworks in other langauges. However, I cannot get this to work in ST. I find that none of the examples really shows the use of associations well....
  23. I am stuck at how to use associated data for a belongsTo association in a template. Does anyone know working examples/tutorial that show...

    1) How to populate a store with JSON including...
  24. I'm curious about the same thing! Whats the best practice? I'm also too new to Sencha Touch to fully understand potential advantages and drawbacks of the different approaches.
  25. Yes, my previous post was an acknowledgement of this extremely embarrassing mistake... ;-)
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