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    Sorry, false alarm

    Everything works fine. Problem was that when specifying ModelType I didn't set property that I wanted to display on y-axis (so it returns null). And I could not track that...
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    I was trying to display some results from the grid with graphing tool (right now i am using ofcgxt)

    My grid has the store, and graph obviously has the same store. Store is filled with the...
  3. Up.

    Hello. Can someone confirm this bug?

    Thank you
  4. This bug is pretty obvious probably it is fixed somwhere already but I couldn't find it with search

    west = new ContentPanel();
    west.setLayout(new AccordionLayout());

  5. Hi,

    I am applying MVC, so i am having lots of events firing:) I have TabPanel and Tree and when i click on the tree a NewTab item is created (unless it is already on tab panel) the content of...
  6. Well i was switching to gxt from GWT-ext. there you had to add all resources manually. But in GXT it seems that all recourses that are needed are generated automatically and added to the output...
  7. Hi,

    I started refactoring of my project trying to switch from GWT trees to GXT trees and also apply MVC.
    I read this doc center article on data loading ...
  8. So i ve done some debuging the problem is in this line of code:i

    String label = labelProvider.getStringValue(m, modelXValue);
    in file LineChartProvider

    our modelXValue in null because we...
  9. It turned to be a known bug. Here is the solution
  10. Hi,

    I have some stupid problem with LineChartProvider. I was able to set up BarChartProvider as in the and graphs were rendered. But when I am doing the same with LineChartProvider i...
  11. Thanks a LOT!!!
  12. Well after sicking some help at this thread I continue my studings of the problem and found out that this may be a bug:

    Description: When I add a...
  13. Well it turned out that the problem is not in TabPanel or TabItem.

    I just tried with normal ContentPanel:

    ContentPanel cp = new ContentPanel();
  14. Hello,

    I have the following issue. I have a TabPanel and three TabItems on it. TabItems contains FlexTable (from GWT library). I want width off this to be fixed and to be 700px. FlexTables' width...
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    Thanks for explanations.

    I found it myself as well. But i think this is the thing to mention in block letters in the beginning. I mean for those that are not new in all this ext staff probably it...
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    emm.... what does this suppose to mean:
    "Community help forum for Ext GWT"

    Is there any difference? What do you mean by GXT?
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    I have LineChart which is situated at the TabPanel which can be closed (setClosable(True)). So whenever i am trying to close the panel the following message pop-ups:

    "Line: 0
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    Does anyone knows if it is possible to create two graphs on the same chart. that use different values on X-axis. For instance in the official showcase on the website...
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