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  1. PHP cannot read Chinese Text FilesDoes PHP need to be compiled with enable-multibyte to be able to read Chinese Text Files?It keeps saying there is a syntax error on line 24 of my file but it looks...
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    HiIs it possible to drag and drop text from other apps into TC and let Tc to create a new text file with the contained text?thanks
  3. Hi, Ive been trying to call some indicators using method but cant seem to get it to work. Any idea?

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    I have a glass canopy for my tank and was wondering do i cut off a piece of the plastic in order to fit it with the filter i have?Its a penguin bio-wheel filter.
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    Hello EveryoneI have a section of my webpage that has numerous thumbnails. If I perform a roll over on each of the small thumbnail pictures located in one table, I want to display larger copies of...
  6. We think you should probably not count on this ever being fixed. It has been over a month now, right?
  7. i have tried it with IE 6.0 & 7.0 as well as google chrome...

    so i guess no one wlse has this problem then?
  8. very nice map-tried doing something like this a few times, but never worked, so thanks
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    For checking serial codes and creating them. Like if you pay for a game you need to verify yourself with a code.
  10. never used d-coder, but why not use the moolah to pay for the upcoming flagship access virus?
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